Online Resources, Library Catalogues, etc.

The Wellcome Library
The Wellcome Library has now made available its entire collection of English 17th century receipt books - 75 manuscripts in total. They are currently available as PDFs from catalogue records. Further information on this project on our Library website digitisation pages and from our latest edition of Wellcome News. The full link to the list of records is located here

Italian Books of Secrets Database : Leicester Research Archive

A database containing over 3,000 recipes from 11 Italian books of Secrets, 1532-to late 18th century. For the database and the accompaning documentation

The Warburg Institute and Library

The warburg library is digitising many of its rare books. For details go to the main site and follow for the library digital collection.

Collection of digitized texts in the institute and museum of the history of science. Literary and humanistic texts.

Bibliografia Romana

The Bibliografia romana on-line records documents published since 1999 on the subject of the city of Rome, from the early Middle Ages to the present.

Museo della Storia della Medicina

The department of medicine at Rome's University 'La Sapienza' has a Museum of the history of medicine, and a library. Museo della Storia della Medicina,