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Steering Group

  • Chairman: Professor Philip Beesley (Vice Principal for Research & Enterprise)
  • Director: Dr Charalambos Dendrinos
  • Head of History Department: Dr Sarah Ansari
  • Head of Classics and Philosophy Department: Professor Ahuvia Kahane
  • Mr Michael Heslop, Honorary Research Associate (representing the Friends of the Hellenic Institute)
  • Her Excellency Mrs Edmée Leventis, former Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of the Republic of Cyprus in UNESCO
  • Marina Lady Marks
  • Professor Katie Normington (Dean of Arts and Social Sciences Faculty)
  • Professor Francis Robinson CBE
  • Professor Geoff Ward (Vice-Principal for Planning & Resources)

Teaching, Reasearch and Associated Staff

  • Professor Richard Alston, BA, PhD: Roman history, especially Roman Egypt; urbanism in the ancient world; Roman army
  • Samuel Barnish, MA, DPhil (Lecturer): Early Christianity; transformation of the Roman world; Italy in the fifth and sixth centuries AD; Cassiodorus
  • Georgios Borovilos, MA, PhD (Honorary Research Associate), Greek Orthodox rhetorical and preaching literature
  • Lia Chisacof, PhD (Honorary Research Associate), Post-Byzantine studies; Greek palaeography; Modern Greek language and literature; Greek authors in the Romanian principalities (18th-20th c.)
  • Charalambos Dendrinos, MA, PhD (Lecturer): Byzantine Literature and Greek Palaeography; editing and transmission of Byzantine texts
  • David Qwynn, MA, DPhil (Lecturer): Late Antique History and Theology
  • Edith Hall, MA, DPhil (Professor): Greek drama and epic, their performance and reception; gender, ethnicity, and theatre history
  • Professor Jonathan Harris, MA, PhD: Byzantine history, 1000-1453; Byzantium and the West, especially during the Crusades and the Italian Renaissance
  • Kara Hattersley-Smith, MA, DPhil (Honorary Research Associate): Byzantine art and architecture, the Greek population of Rhodes in the Medieval period
  • Richard Hawley, MA, DPhil (Senior Lecturer): Greek literature, especially drama; Greek social history; women in Classical Antiquity; later Greek literature
  • Michael Heslop, MA (Honorary Research Associate): The Defence System in Rhodes in the Medieval period
  • Professor Peregrine Horden, MA: Byzantine medicine; the Mediterranean world
  • Professor Ahuvia Kahane, BA, MA, DPhil: Cultural Theory, Greek literature, especially Homer and the epic tradition, genre and literary history
  • Kostas Kalimtzis, PhD (Honorary Research Associate): Greek philosophical and political thought
  • Christos Kremmydas, MA, PhD (Lecturer): Greek Rhetoric and Oratory (especially Demosthenes), Athenian political and social history (especially law), Greek Papyrology
  • Nick Lowe, MA, PhD (Reader): Greek and Latin literature, especially comedy; Greek religion
  • Anthony Luttrell, MA, DPhil (Honorary Research Associate): the Knights Hospitaller on Rhodes and Malta, the Greek population of Rhodes in the Medieval Period
  • Vanessa Martin, BA, PhD (Reader): Greek influence on Islamic thought, particularly the Shi’i world
  • Janett Morgan, BSc, PhD (Lecturer): Greek Archaeology; houses, private religious practices and gender in classical Greece.
  • Professor Nikolaos Moschonas, MA, PhD (Honorary Research Fellow - Research Director, Institute for Byzantine Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens): Greek and Latin palaeography, Byzantine relations with Western Europe.
  • Jari Pakkanen, BA, PhD (Senior Lecturer): Greek archaeology and Architecture; the methodology of architectural reconstructions
  • Professor Boris Rankov, MA, DPhil: Greek triereme project; Roman history; archaeology of the Roman Empire
  • Professor Francis Robinson, CBE, MA, PhD: Greek influence on Islamic thought
  • Professor Lene Rubinstein, MA, PhD: Athenian social history; Athenian oratory and law; papyrology; Roman Egypt
  • Professor Anne Sheppard, MA, DPhil: Greek philosophy, especially Neoplatonism; ancient literary criticism
  • Philip Taylor (Honorary Research Associate): Porphyrogenitus Project, TeX editing, electronic editions of Byzantine texts
  • Polymnia Tsagouria, MA, PhD (Instructor seconded by Greek Ministry of Education): Modern Greek language, literature and culture
  • Professor David Wiles, MA, PhD: Greek and Roman theatre; masks in Greek theatre; issues relating to performance space
  • Barbara Zipser, PhD (AHRC Research Fellow): Byzantine manuscripts; Greek medicine; history of texts

Visiting scholars

  • Professor Annaclara Cataldi Palau: Greek Palaeography
  • Professor Costas N. Constantinides (Ioannina): Byzantine Education, History and Literature; Greek Palaeography
  • Professor Athanasia Glycofridi-Leontsini (Athens): Byzantine and Post-Byzantine philosophical and political thought
  • Dr Sophia Kapetanaki (Peloponnese): Byzantine Literature and Greek Palaeography
  • Professor George Leontsinis (Athens): Post-Byzantine and Modern Greek history
  • Professor Zoe Papastylou (Ioannina): Ancient History, especially Sparta
  • Dr Apostolos Spanos (Assistant Professor, Agder University College, Norway): Byzantine Literature and Hymnography; Greek Palaeography

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