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Recruiting our Students


Whether you are seeking to fill graduate and specialist roles or if you just need some help part-time, the careers service can help you with your requirements.

Posting vacancies on JobOnline

  • JobOnline is the online jobs board from The Careers Group, University of London. Attracting over 20,000 page impressions per month, JobOnline is the place to advertise your graduate opportunities and undergraduate vacancies, such as internships and work experience.
  • Before posting a vacancy for the first time, you must set up an account by following this link. Advertisements of 25 words or less are free to post and you will have the option to make your vacancy available to just Royal Holloway students, or those studying at colleges across the University of London. Your submission will be reviewed and posted the next working day.
  • If you would like a full length entry on JobOnline, the charge is £146 + VAT per month/per advert. This also includes the option of displaying a logo with your ad and appearing in the Featured Employers section of the website.  Each additional month will incur an additional fee of £146 + VAT.
  • Third party recruiters (Recruitment Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Recruitment Services etc.) will not be entitled to the free advertising option.  Any adverts you place on behalf of your clients will cost £146 + VAT.  For internal vacancies within your own organisation, the 25 word limit on free adverts still applies.
  • If you would like the details of your opportunity sent to those of our 47,000+ registered subscribers whose criteria most closely match yours, please see our information on JobAlert - our targeted email service.
  • Click here for our full range of rates and offers. on For other information see here.

Post a vacancy now

Advertising with JobAlert

  • Choose a targeted group from over 47,000 students and recent graduates who you would like to receive your recruitment message.
  • JobAlert is the targeted email service from The Careers Group, University of London. Current students and recent graduates from University of London colleges and other universities across the country register to receive jobs and careers information in their preferred employment fields. They also register their degree subject, year of graduation and university, plus any language skills they may have.
  • JobAlert allows you to select those candidates most appropriate to your recruitment requirements and send an email message directly to them. There is a 400 word limit to the length of your message and you can include links to your website. (However we can not include graphics or attachments with JobAlert messages.)
  • The cost to advertise a vacancy is £142 plus VAT. Once approved your message will be sent out within 2 working days.

Prices for surveys, focus groups or any advert not relating to a direct vacancy will be available on application. Please email vacanciescareers.lon.ac.uk| 

For more information on our online and offline advertising services, please contact us.

Benefits of recruiting our students

As well as their strong academic discipline, Royal Holloway students are well equipped with a wide range of skills and expertise from their co-curricular experiences

Why employ students from Royal Holloway?

  • The University is ranked amongst the top research-led institutions in the UK, and indeed the world -see here for more information.
  • We provide high quality teaching across the University's three faculties - Management & Economics, Science and Arts & Social Sciences.
  • Students are highly motivated, flexible, and are interested in a wide variety of jobs across a number of different sectors.

Raise your profile 

There are plenty of opportunities to raise your profile to the student population.

Employability and skills development

The Royal Holloway Careers Service is committed to developing the skills of PhD/Research Students and holds regular PhD cafe sessions. 

  • These workshops offer an excellent means of raising your organisation's profile on campus, while genuinely helping with the employability and development of PhD/research students.
  • Topics have included Post-Doctoral Careers in Industry, Interview Skills, and Careers in Academia

If your company is interested in participating in a PhD Cafe session, please email simon.mantellrhul.ac.uk  |

Part-Time Job Fairs

 We hold Part-Time Job Fairs in the Autumn and Spring terms and they are free for employers to attend.

The next fair will take place on Wednesday, 22 January, 2014 from 12:00-2:30pm in the Student Union Building. 

If you have part-time or temp jobs to offer our students and are interested in attending the next fair please contact Heather Woodruff| 

Internships Fair

The next Internships Fair will take place on 13 November, 2013, 1-4:30pm in the Boiler House. 

If you have paid internships or placements to offer our students and would like to attend the Fair please contact Heather Woodruff|

Business, Finance & Technology Fair

The 2013 Business, Finance & Technology Fair will take place on 30 October.

The fair, which is our premier employer event of the year, attracts a large number of students, mostly 2nd years and finalists and is a fantastic opportunity to increase your profile on campus and network with top quality students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

Places are limited and filling up fast - if you are interested in attending please email Rose Hackett|

Themed Careers Weeks

Our Themed Careers Weeks will take  place again in the Autumn and Spring terms, 2013-14, each focused on a different sector. To find out more click here.|

To get involved in a themed week event, contact Rose Hackett| or Heather Woodruff




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