Short Term Business Visitors Notification

  • Short Term Business Visitors
    To avoid tax charges in the UK, we need to record all visitors to College from abroad even if they are not being being paid by Royal Holloway.
  • When should this form be completed?
    For all academic visitors from abroad who will be researching, teaching, lecturing, collaborating or undertaking similar work - no matter how long their stay at College. The form is not required for conference visitors or for suppliers or other visitors who come to College on their own business.
  • Does this replace the Academic Visitors Guidelines?
    This does not replace the requirements for Academic Visitors and HR should be contacted for these engagements.
  • Please complete the form and we will contact you if we require any further information. If you are not sure if the form is required, email for advice.
  • Are they:
  • Activities at Royal Holloway: tick all that apply
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