Online Store Administrator Information

The current version of the Online store is version 4. The Tutorials below relate to v3.5. Functionality of v4 is essentially the same as for v3.5 but the navigation is different (intuitive but different ) to the guides below.

 The Help button accessed within the store admin area links to generic user guides which may help with both understanding the functionality but also the v4 navigation.

Tutorial 1.0 Online Store (v3.5) Overview

Tutorial 2.1 Online Store (v3.5) Categories

Tutorial 2. 2 Online Store (v3.5) Products

Tutorial 2.3 Online Store (v3.5) Questionnaires

Tutorial 2.4 Online Store (v4.5) Agresso FinanceCodes

Tutorial 3.0 Online Store (v3.5) Sales Order Processing

Tutorial 4.0 Online Store (v3.5) Loading Store Orders into Symmetry

Tutorial 5.0 Online Store (v3.5) Formatting

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