Reporting: What are the reporting requirements for my grant?

Reporting: What are the reporting requirements for my grant?

Reporting requirements vary by funder.

Researchers may be required to complete progress, milestone or final reports according to conditions in the award.  Details of reporting requirements are usually found within schedules attached to the award agreement or in the application rules.  All reports should be submitted through the Research and Enterprise Office.  The report will be forwarded to the funder on behalf of the researcher and a copy will be placed on file to become part of the projects records.  If in doubt about the timing of reporting or any other reporting matter, please contact the Research Finance Office.

There may be financial penalties if a report isn’t completed in a timely manner.  For example, Research Council grants include the requirement for the PI to complete a final report, usually within a timescale given in the award letter (typically three months after end of grant). If the final report is not received, the Research Councils have the right to withhold up to 20% of the total grant expenditure as a financial penalty, and this cost will be borne by the department. In addition Research Councils will not accept future applications from PIs for whom final reports have not been received.

For all Research councils PIs must submit reports via the Je-S system. About a month before the grant ends the funding council will add the blank report template to the PI's account, with details of the due date. The PI can then complete the form and submit it through the same submission route as that used for grant proposals. Please note that it is important to update your details on J-eS if there are any changes as this may affect where the report is delivered.

Royal Society final reports can be submitted through E-Gap.

British Academy final reports can be submitted through E-Gap.

For other funding bodies, forms can be found on line at the funders’ web site or the funder will send a paper copy of the final report directly to the PI. 

Periodic and Final Expenditure Statements(FES) are completed and submitted by the Research Finance team.  The FES will be sent to departments for review prior to submission and to notify the PI of any overspend or under spend against budget.  It is important to respond promptly to any such query to ensure timely submission. Financial sanctions apply for late submission on Research Council FSE’s (20% of the award value). Other funders may withhold payment if claims are not received within the prescribed time scale.

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