Cash Office services to departments

Details of Cash Office services available to Royal Holloway departments and staff.

Administration of Department Petty Cash

In this section you can find guidelines that Departments and Service Units are required to follow for the management and administration of petty cash floats.

  • One nominated person should be responsible for the petty cash float. Any changes in personnel should be advised to the Cash Office as soon as possible.
  • Any cash held in departments/units should be kept in a lockable tin under the control of the authorised holder and should not be kept in an open office.
  • Departments should keep their own record of receipts and claims against their petty cash float which can be presented at the Cash Office when they require a top up to the float held.
  • Petty cash can be claimed to the limit of the agreed holding in one transaction, provided the receipts are available to support the claim.
  • A completed Department Petty Cash Re-imbursement form together with the relevant receipts must be presented at the Cash Office when topping up a float. 
  • Forms should be completed clearly so that the correct details appear on your reports. Please make sure the sub-project codes are correct and that they are open. The Cash Office will not be able to pay out against incorrect or closed codes.
  • Anyone claiming petty cash from the Cash Office must show some form of ID. If a College ID card is not available then a valid driving licence photocard is acceptable. If you are unsure whether your form of  ID is sufficient please contact us before coming  to make a claim.
  • Department petty cash is not to be used to re-imburse personal expenses such as eye tests, travel costs or mileage claims. Click here for details on claiming personal expenses.
  • All Petty Cash Floats are audited by the Cash Office bi-annually - in February and at the financial year end in July. It is important that completed certification forms are returned as promply as possible when requested to ensure units can continue to have access to this facility.

If you are a new user and would like help or guidance on anything not included here please contact us.

Receipting to Budget Codes & Supplier Accounts

Cheque and cash deposits are paid to Department codes or supplier accounts at the Cash Office.

Departmental Income Form
  • .

Bring the form together with the cheques and cash along to the Cash Office and we will process the transaction and give you a receipt. The amount will then appear on your finance reports the next working day.

In order to keep your waiting time at the Cash Office to a minimum please observe the following:

  • Forms need to be completed clearly so that the correct information appears on your reports.
  • Cheques should be payable to 'RHBNC', 'RHUL' or 'Royal Holloway University of London' and should be paid in as soon as possible. Cheques over six months old will not be accepted.
  • Cheques payable in US Dollars or Euros can be accepted for negotiation but cannot be credited straight away. You will be given a temporary receipt and your code/account will be credited once the bank has settled the cheque.
  • Sub-project and account numbers should be written on the back of cheques so that items returned by the bank can be correctly allocated.
  • Cash Office staff are not able to open accounts or new codes so please check these details are correct and up to date before you bring your deposit to us.
  • If you have a large amount of notes or coins to pay in it may be mutually beneficial to contact us beforehand to agree the best time to visit the counter. We do ask that units try to avoid lunch time periods during term time when student enquiries are at their heaviest.
  • Coin needs to be bagged in the appropriate denominations in the coin bags available from the bank on Campus or in advance from the Cash Office.
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