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Contemporary Innovative Poetry Research Seminar

Instigated by Professor Robert Hampson of the Department of English, Royal Holloway, this seminar is focussed on the poetry and poetics that have been produced in Britain, Ireland and North America over the last fifty years in the modernist tradition. In their editorial for the first issue of the Journal of British Irish Innovative Poetry, Robert Sheppard and Scott Thurston noted the ContemporaryInnovativePoetryResearchSeminarproblem of giving a name to this area of poetry , and listed some of the names that have been applied to it: avant-garde, experimental, formally innovative, linguistically innovative; neo-modernist, post-avant... The Innovative Poetry seminar series does not promise to resolve this problem of naming, but it will offer an engagement with- and exploration of- poetry and poetics of this parallel tradition.

Speakers have included Dr Andrea Brady (QMW), Professor David Herd (Kent), Professor Will Rowe (Birkbeck), Professor Robert Sheppard (Edge Hill), Dr Keston Sutherland (Sussex), Dr Agnieszka Kluba (Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw), Professor Carol Watts (Birkbeck), Professor Jacob Edmonds (University of Otago, NZ), Dr Peter Jaeger (Roehampton), Professor Dorothy Wang, Dr Ian Davidson (Northumbria) and Professor Susan Rudy (Alberta).

Upcoming events


Contemporary Innovative Poetry Research Seminar Programmed by Professor Robert Hampson All events are at Senate House, 6pm-8pm


27 September: Dr Robert Kiely (St Mary's University, Twickenham): 
Graft: Trevor Joyce's 'Capital Accounts' SH 243

25 October: Dr Susan Rudy (Senior Research Fellow, QMUL): 
Reading for Queer Openings. Moving. Archives of the Self. Fred Wah. SH 349

29 November: Dr Camilla Nelson (Associate Researcher, Research in Arts and Environment): 
Reading Movement: Sonic utterances and embodied poetics. SH 243



October 26:
Dr Laurie Duggan: Postmodern poetry in a culture of dispersal
November 23:
Vicky Sparrow (Birkbeck): Secrecy and the poetry of Grace Lake
December 7:
Jennifer Wong (Oxford Brookes): Chinese womanhood in the poetry of Marilyn Chin
January 25:
Dr Gavin Selerie: The contemporary long poem
February 22:
Ed Luker (Northumbria): Secrecy in contemporary poetry
March 29:
Dr Joshua Davies (King’s College, London): Contemporary Medieval Poetry
April 26:
Kat Peddie (Kent): Models of sociality in avant-garde poetry
May 24:  
Dr Nancy Gaffield (Kent) The poetry sequence. 








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