Cardboard Boxes

By Eleonore Beahan





my lips keep talking with a gapey black hole to spit out or shove something in a passage to and from so i can swallow it down or spill like words verbo dribble out you can stick it in shut me up i want it anyway lipstick line stinks like cherry bomb think of a sweet sweet taste on your tongue greasy stick smudges easy from lady to whore and sideways on it’s an upstairs downstairs all i’m asking for is more more more i can take it white bloodless do you still want to kiss a mouth back to life and bite into feelings unglossy dry looks like nothing’s on so i draw on it what’s already there say it’s like gilded lilies and perfumed violets we make a tracing obvious to say kiss me and maybe if you see me you’ll listen now that i let my lips crack and blood is like colour like am i beautiful on the inside when i peel off dead skin it stings apple juice sour shape a translucent jagged part of something a functional other bit my teeth and the food i eat says so lick my lips is it to touch for sex and love nibble on one cute and coy round oh oh oh like a blow-up you know is it the right shape just so i can talk to you stretch around aeiou and puh buh fuh the sounds in syllables i can keep them shut if you like can i just smile more well read my lips keep talking










as legs a girl walks down the street clicking up fancy feet legs split in two a v sign like fingers doing the dinner table can-can oh my darling clementine with hips like that who needs child support check out those pins could go right into butterfly wings and needles feel funny hollow little bird bones used to totter on the road first time stammer learn how to step in time swing it swing it push up heels keep it tight rope walker land the right way up skinnies ankles to knees on my thighs denims fit trussed-up drumsticks it’s all meat good enough to eat wolf whistle to sheep bleat cow in the back no i’m a bird i tweet hop cross wire on clawed feet beat in time pound the pavement when i sweat you want to lick me skin to skin when i stretch i can stretch around you even put my legs around your neck but what that cellulite varicose melanin deficient flob wobble does in a crack short skirt she has no shame cover up it’s just blood muscle the colour of tanning think california think roller skates think open wide let me get inside think they were made for walking but that’s not what they’ll do they are my skeleton wrappings functional gone aesthetic in shape so are they as ugly to me as they are to you tell me what do you see as legs










all that hair one place only allowed roll up to see the wonder downy lips for my winter skin but auburn piles in brassy hoops make for viewing pleasure flip woosh shampoo ad champ you add a dash of yes yesss in the shower sell that flower cloud smell damn that’s luscious long rapunzel with always a wind machine whip it like a lady longer thicker means better but shorter can be cuter if pixie cut means minx jaggy strut and sex behind the bar soap up the ragged crazy bitch it’s in my hair backcombed ozone puffed this looks like mental illness one place only arms and legs it’s just not on to keep warm we have coats for that so take it off neck-down alopecia no more bumps well you know to fix that there’s aloe vera or more natural still zip ready blade shave it down there in the bath shed skin colour me an aesthetically head shot trim for knickers give them something to hold onto everything grows i think to pluck a poodle that’s fucking silly one question is why with standards down means ugly means you are or are not good enough now yes i cut my nails to save your face but you won’t go blind from arm pits heard the damaged friction folliculitis is now infected bacterium staphylococcus oh and then try some pseudofolliculitis barbae i’ll leave it thanks fine is she a dyke yeah look at all that hair










my breasts big or small it gets really boring to care at all cut em off am i not full anymore looking is healthy let’s be free strap corsetry is for back problems or i can’t breathe pump up silicone you say damn girl i want it rack it those imperfections go with a hey ho hoist em up open out in the wind adjust your sales i’d pay for that flat board iron give it some bounce perk out a cup we’re in conversation now do you see tender chicken part have a taste turn and sag them sad batty old mum happens soon enough enjoy it with your stare while you can if you want it so bad get a take away make me saint agatha on a plate wait your turn don’t touch it’s for the kids then maybe afterwards you can suck it just my breasts big or small










we’ll call it cunt i got this as if to say hey what you gonna do come for me i can only keep it on the map shape x marks that’s the spot down under lock up never box up clever girl uncrossed easy fiddle vice screwed to chew out spit and spill diddle flick for a good time call mine space out finger in give it one day it goes off like this is even normal porn off the pressure and my lips are sealed distended wrong outer bit doctor fix it think of would i risk it for magazines on pages apart from vag on demand tick for clit take another one a word says for the sword and bury to the hilt grind fuck the guilt let’s call it the bit i lost in envy oh the bit bites back in a snap flap mind the gap turns red a sleepy weepy gash hold the plug hole runs paint out in colour walls on the nursery baby due for who spreads it dilate it lie back and think this is it i’m made in shape for it and if you want it at least we’ll call it cunt