‘Often we are comforted by the thought that a place is ours that we belong to it, even come from it, and therefore are tied to it in some fundamental way. Such places (“right places”) are thought to reaffirm our sense of self, reflecting back to us an unthreatening picture of grounded reality’

Miwon Kwon

‘Threewords’ is an exploration of the relationship people establish with place.

We visited two sites which had a contemporary connection with history and the future. The first site we visited was Stratford – home to the Olympic village of the 2012 London Olympics. The second site we visited was Sipson, a village at threat of being destroyed by Heathrow’s third runway expansion plans. The two sites are paradoxically opposed, in one site history is about to be made, in the other site history is on the brink of being lost. We went to the sites in order to gain an understanding of people’s relationship with their changing communities. We asked each member of the public we approached to contribute three words to our project. These three words were to be about their feelings towards that particular site; we wanted one of the words to relate to the past, one to relate to the future, and one to relate to the past. Once we collated these words from both sites we collaboratively reframed the words into phrases and sentences. We used these phrases and sentences as starting points for our own individual pieces of creative writing. Our writings embody various different forms but they are all linked by a similar theme, namely the bonds people form with their ‘sense of place’.

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