Using at least one of the words listed below, we asked members of the public to choose a sentence structure and then write us a sentence (or two!)!

Here are the sentence structures:

And here are the words:

Money, dosh, cash, recession, love, sadness, wealth, rich, hardship, job, nothing, employment, occupation, fiver, tenner, pound, euro, rubbish, happy, want, beautiful, despair, hope, stock exchange, ambition, destroy, transition, blame, calm, problem, wallet, bills, spending, cost, waste, credit card, bank, purse, hate, government, public, global, crisis, house, taxes, pension, help, shop, savings, interest, inflation, sales, panic, consequences, redundant, running, screaming, crying, losing, wanting, selling, cutting, killing, suit, briefcase, striking, loan, debit, waiting, bad, horrible, devastating, helpless, huge, stop, risky, overwhelming, apathy, unexpected, unbearable, scary, hideously, holiday, trash, job, crash, boss, employee, poverty, eviction, objects, repossession, luxury, car, posh, homeless, mortgage, overdue.

We asked each person to put the number of the sentence structure they chose along with the words from the list in CAPITALS.

We wanted to try this online project in order to see how the public responded to being asked to use certain words. This is a very structured project and it seems that this lack of freedom has meant that we have had limited responses. Overall we have found that we get far more responses when asking for a brief instinctive response. However, these beginning sentences are certainly great material as already they will help us write a piece of prose inspired by them.

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