If you could spend your money on ANYTHING, what would it be? Have you ever bought something you’re utterly ashamed or embarrassed by? Ever won a small fortune in a bet or perhaps stolen something. Let us know your Money Secrets!

Members of the public were asked to anonymously write down a monetary secret on mock-up five pound notes.

One of the main ideas behind the project was that people would be able to reveal their economic secrets without fear of judgment and be able to share their private hopes and fears in this time of economic crisis. Even though we were only out in Windsor for one day, members of the public can still post their money secrets on the blog so we can keep updating and adding to our findings.

Public participation was slow to start with but once we got going, we got a good amount of responses. These responses, as well as being valuable in their own right, are to be used as the starting points for works of prose and poetry created by members of the group.


Here are a selection of responses we had from the Money Secrets event.

Please look at our gallery to find images from this event.

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