What Do You Think?

We would like to hear what you think about any of the issues raised by our project, here are a few quotes which have inspired us as a starting point, please join the debate on our forum:


Step off the straight and narrow career and materialism groove and you just end up on another one-the groove for people who step off the main groove...The eternal urge for escape has never enjoyed such niche marketing

Naomi Klein No Logo 2000

The Spectacle corresponds to the historical moment at which the commodity completes its colonization of social life. It is not just that the relationship to commodities is now plain to see — commodities are now all that there is to see; the world we see is the world of the commodity. The growth of the dictatorship of modern economic production is both extensive and intensive in character. In the least industrialized regions its presence is already felt in the form of imperialist domination by those areas that lead the world in productivity. In these advanced sectors themselves, social space is continually being blanketed by stratum after stratum of commodities. With the advent of the so-called second industrial revolution, alienated consumption is added to alienated production as an inescapable duty of the masses.

Guy Debord The Society of the Spectacle 1967

‘The illusion is double: it consists in overlooking the illusion which is structuring our real, effective relationship to reality. And this overlooked, unconscious illusion is what may be called the ideological fantasy.... The cynical subject is quite aware of the distance between the ideological mask and the social reality, but he none the less still insists upon the mask. “

Slavoj Zizek The Sublime Object of Ideology 1989