Creative Industries

The aim of the Creative Industries course is to foster a sense of creative writing as a professional discipline, and to educate students in the idioms of performance and publishing as they happen in ‘the real world’. To this end students are divided into groups and given a collective task. Teaching draws on the course teachers’ own experience of working in the professional worlds of writing and publishing.

Dr. Redell Olsen launched this collaborative website project with the third-year undergraduates from the Creative Industries course in 2008-09, with the assistance of project coordinator and web designer John Sparrow. This website illustrates a practical approach for the students to relate their academic knowledge to the industry they are about to enter. Academic training, then, was integrated with the creative process, and was brought forward by the connection with the public. This site contains five discrete collaborative student projects that illustrate the ways in which arts students can utilise their academic training and prepare themselves for the publishing industry after graduation.

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