Dominik Dengler: The Dream of the Rood 59-86 
       (EN2009, Pre-Conquest English II, 2000)

In this translation I have attempted to stay as close to the original text as possible, trying to stick to the grammar and preserve alliteration, when modern English was applicable. However I took great liberty in punctuation, and rearranged the word order occasionally. I intended to create a similar tone as in the Apostle’s Creed and therefore attempted to adjust the metre to a monotone rhythm of a prayer, short paratactic sentences, and adhered to free verse.


                              I was sorely troubled with sorrow, 
                                             however I bowed down
                                                            to the hands of men,
                                                                           humble with great courage.

They took the almighty god, 
They lifted him out of the heavy punishment.

                              The warriors left me standing
                                             covered with blood.
                                                            I was thoroughly wounded with arrows.

There they laid him down weary of limb.
They stood at his body's head
There they gazed at the lord's heaven.
He rested there for a while, tired after the great hardship.
The men began to make him a tomb in the sight of the slayer.
They carved it out of that bright stone.
Therein they placed the victory leader.
They began pitifully in the evening time to sing him a dirge.
Then they were willing to depart again, tired from the glorious prince.
He rested there with little company.

                              But we were weeping there for a good while, 
                                             stood in position,
                                                            Until the sound of the warriors ceased.

The beautiful dwelling of the body grew cold.
Then they began to fell us all to the ground.
That was a terrible experience.
They dug us down into a deep pit.

                              However the lord's servants, 
                                             the friends, found me there, 
                                                            and adorned me with gold and silver.

Now you can hear,
my beloved hero,
that I have experienced
with sore sorrows
the work of evil men.

Now has come the time,
that people worship me,
far and wide,
all over the earth,
and all this creation,
and pray to this beacon.

On me the Son of God suffered a while.

Therefore I rise up
gloriously under heaven,
and I am able to heal everyone,
who shows awe of me.

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