Learning Old English:
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Liorna manega bec and gehyr monig spell;
wite ðeah hwylcum þu gelyfan scyle:
feola writað menn ungelyfedlices.
(Dicts of Cato 71)

'Learn many books and hear many tales.
Take care, however, which you believe:
many men write unbelievable things.'


Undergraduate Courses
EN1001 Introduction to Medieval Literature
EN2008 Old English Literature
EN2319 Tolkien's Roots: Old English Poetry and Modern Medievalism
EN3001 Reading Beowulfulf
EN3100 Beowulf and the Critics

EN3222 Violence, Sex, and Magic in Medieval Literature (half Old English, half Middle English)

Courses on the MA in Medieval Studies
Pre-Conquest English (Language Skills)
Old English Riddles

Don't forget about OERG, the Old English Reading Group!

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