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Collections and Overviews

Voice of the Shuttle (Alan Liu, University of California): links to texts, criticism, reference works, conferences, institutions, teaching resources, journals, listservs, etc

Internet Medieval Sourcebook (Paul Halsall): texts, legal history, Old English, Middle English, French, Spanish, maps, films, music, translations, etc

NetSerf: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources

Resources in Old English: a veritable treasure trove of resources collected on a Spanish site called 'Aprendelo'


Professor Simon Keynes' Home Page (an immense resource)

Dr Sean Miller's Home Page (well organised, clear, extremely useful)

Bede.Net (for information about the Venerable Bede)

BBC History Trails

Domesday Book Online (William the Conqueror's 1085 audit of England, now online at the National Archives)

Bede's World (museum and reconstructed site, complete with animals)

West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village (a reconstructed Anglo-Saxon village)


The Staffordshire Hoard (discovered in 2009, this is the largest hoard of gold ever found in England)

Sutton Hoo (the National Trust site)

The Sutton Hoo Society (Online tour of the famed Anglo-Saxon royal cemetery)

The Saxon and Medieval Collection at the Museum of London

The Prittlewell Prince at the Museum of London

The Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture

A Selection of Images on the Web

A Guide to Websites with Anglo-Saxon Images (an annotated and very full list of sites, by Dr Joseph P. Byrne at Belmont University)

The Junius Manuscript (Oxford) (the full manuscript, including the outside cover, and the many illustrations accompanying the story of the creation, the fall of Satan, and the fall of Adam and Eve)

The Alfred Jewel (at the Ashmolean Museum)

The Lindisfarne Gospels at the British Museum

The Sutton Hoo Helmet at the British Museum


Old English Newsletter Bibliography (an extremely useful searchable database)

Anglo-Saxon Studies (by Carole Biggam)

Beowulf Bibliography 1990-2010 (by Kevin Kiernan)

Another Beowulf Bibliography (one of many!)

Feminae (a bibliography focused on medieval women)


Maps of Anglo-Saxon England (made available by Professor Simon Keynes in Cambridge)

The Hereford Mappa Mundi

Online Publications

Essays in Medieval Studies (Proceedings of the Illinois Medieval Association, refereed online journal)

The Heroic Age: A Journal of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe (refereed online journal)

The Medieval Review (refereed online journal, University of Western Michigan: reviews only)

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