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31 October 2012: Anglo-Saxon Hall found in Kent

An important new archaeological discovery in Lyminge, Kent.

Story in the Telegraph
Story in the Guardian
Official Website of the Project


28 April 2010: Anglo-Saxon Manuscript Treasures in the Parker Library

This important collection of manuscripts has been digitised by Corpus Christi College Library, Cambridge University Library, and Stanford University, and it is now available online.

Summary of the story
Link to the website


12 March 2010: Mass Grave of Beheaded Vikings

CNN version of the story
Telegraph version


24 September 2009: The Staffordshire Hoard

Official Website of Staffordshire Hoard
BBC: huge found in Staffordshire--bigger than Sutton Hoo!
More BBC news
More about the finding of the Hoard
Times version of the story

29 August 2006: Saxon chief's gilded buckle found (On display at the Museum of London)


17 February 2004: Viking Ship-Burial Found


October 2003: The Prittlewell Prince


1997: Horse Burials at Lakenheath

The Discovery: Warrior Buried with his Horse
BBC: Remains found in 1997 to go to Mildenhall Museum
British Archaeology Report: Another horse burial found in 1999
More finds in 2008

A fuller list of news items can be found on the TOEBI website.

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