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Old English Vocabulary

List 4

sculan  should, must scyldig  guilty

dryhten  lord, chief  dryht  band of retainers
dreogan  perform, undergo dryht-  lordly, splendid

cyning  king cyne-  royal
-cund  deriving from, kind cennan  beget
gecynde  innate, natural cynn  race, family, kindred

ær  before, ere  ærþon  before
ærest  first, at the earliest ærra  former
æror  before, earlier

habban  to have -hæbbend  having, equipped with

-weard  toward wyrd  fate
weorðan  to become, happen

gangan  to go gengan  to go
-genga  goer gan  to go
gegan  to get, undertake, happen gang  going, passage, flow
gegangan  to get, happen

List adapted from Stephen A. Barney, Word Hoard: An Introduction to Old English Vocabulary, 2nd ed. (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1985).

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