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Old English Vocabulary

List 3

for(e) for, before fore therefore
forþ  forth, away geforþian  accomplish
furður  further gefyrðran  further, impel
furðum  recently, first foran  before
fruma  beginning, chief forma  first
fyrmest  first, foremost

beran  bear, bring, wear -berend  bearing, having
gebæran  behave -bora  bearer
bær  bier byrele  cup-bearer
bearn  child, son bearm  bosom, lap
-byrd  burden, responsibility gebyrdo  child
byre  son, boy; opportunity geboren  born; brother

eald  old ieldra  older
ieldesta  oldest ealdian  grow old
ieldu  old age ieldu  men (of old)
ealdor  life  ealdor  chief, prince
ieldan  delay

god  good bet  better (adv)
betera  better (adj) betst  best
bot  remedy, reparation gebetan  improve
sel  better selra / sella  better
gesælig  prosperous, happy gesælan  turn out well
sæl  time; happy time selest  best

gestandan  to stand stede  place, position
staðol  foundation gestaðolian  to establish
-steald  dwelling  stow  place
gesteall  place, site gestealla  companion
stæl  place, position stille  steady, still
stefna  prow stefn  prow (ship); trunk (tree)
stælan  to establish, avenge stellan  to place, establish
stæþ  bank, shore stefnettan  to stand firm
stol  seat, throne

mid  with, together with

an  one, lone nan  not one, no
an-  single, lone anunga  entirely
anga  sole (n)ænig  any, not any
ænlic  unique, beautiful æne  once
ana  alone

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