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Old English Vocabulary

List 2

þær there, where, if þonne then, when, than
þanan thence þes this
þider thither þus thus
þyslic such  þenden while, meanwhile

swa so, as swelc/swylc such (as)
swelce/swylce also, as

hwa, hwæt who, what, someone, something forhwon why
hwylc which, anyone nathwilc someone
hwær where hwonne when
hwanan whence hwæðer which of two
hwæþer(e) whether, however hwider  whither
ægðer either æghwylc each one
æghwa everyone æghwær everywhere
gehwa each gehwæðer either
gehwylc each gehwær everywhere

æfter after, for, in accordance with, afterwards of from, of, out of
æftan from behind eft again, in turn
eafora heir, descendent

magan be able, can meaht / miht might, power
mihtig mighty mægen strength, army

willan to wish, be willing nyllan to be unwilling
willa desire, delight wilnian to desire, ask
wel well, rightly wela wealth
welig wealthy

eal(l) all, entirely ealles completely
nealles / nalles not at all

man(n) man man one

ofer over, above, across ufan from above
ufor further up ufera later
up(p) up, upwards uppe up
yppe raised floor, high seat

wennan to accustom someone to wynn joy, delight
wunian to dwell, remain wine friend
wen expectation, hope wiscan to wish
gewinnan to win, achieve wenan to expect, suppose, hope
winnan to fight, contend gewinn strife, battle

List adapted from Stephen A. Barney, Word Hoard: An Introduction to Old English Vocabulary, 2nd ed. (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1985).

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