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Old English Vocabulary

List 1

beag (m) ring, treasure  meotod (m) creator, god
beadu (f) battle  mod (n) mind, spirit, courage, pride
burg (f) fortress, fortified town  reord (f/n) voice, speech, language
cyning (m) king regn (m) rain
dæg (m) day rice (n) kingdom, empire, power
eard (m) land, home, dwelling rim (n) number, count
ellen (m) courage, valour  rinc (m) man, warrior
facen (n) deceit, crime sawol (f) soul
firas ( men, mankind sæ (m/f) sea
hæleþ (m) warrior, man, hero scield (m) shield
heafod (m/n) head tid (f) time, hour 
heall (f) hall, residence treow (f) trust, fidelity; treaty
ieldu (f) age, old age þegn (m) retainer, thane
lagu (m) water, sea wæg (m) wave

wesan & beon to be
 Present Indicative
ic eom we sindon /sint
þu eart  ge sindon /sint
he is  hie sindon /sint
ic beo we beoþ
þu bist  ge beoð
hit biþ  hie beoþ
Past Indicative
ic wæs we wæron
þu wære  ge wæron
hio wæs  hie wæron
wes wesaþ
beo beoþ

Present Subjunctive
ic sie  we sien
þu sie ge sien
hit sie  hie sien 
ic beo we beon
þu beo ge beon 
he beo hie beon 


Past Subjunctive
ic wære we wæren 
þu wære ge wæren 
hio wære  hie wæren 

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