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Old English Pronouns

1st and 2nd Person Singular
1st person 2nd Person
nominitive ic I þu you (thou)
accusative me / mec me þe/þec you (thee)
genitive min of me / mine þin of you/your (thine)
dative me to me þe to you (to thee)

1st and 2nd Person Plural
1st person 2nd Person
nominitive we we ge you
accusative us us eow you
genitive ure of us / our eower of you / your
dative us to us eow to you
1st person 2nd Person
nominitive wit we two, both of us git you two, both of you
accusative unc us two inc you two
genitive uncer of us two / our incer of you two / your
dative unc to us two inc to you two

Third Person Singular (Masculine and Neuter)
Masculine Neuter
nominitive he he hit it
accusative hine him hit it
genitive his of him, his his of it, its
dative him to him him to it

Third Person Singular (Feminine) and Plural (All Genders)
Feminine Plural
nominitive hio / hio she hie / hi they
accusative hie / hi her hie / hi them
genitive hire of her, hers hira / hiera of them, theirs
dative hire to her him to them

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