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Old English Nouns

Strong Nouns
Stones (masc)
stan (nom) a stone stanas (nom) stones
stan (acc) a stone stanas (acc) stones
stanes (gen) of a stone stana (gen) of stones
stane (dat) to/for/with a stone stanum (dat) to/for/with stones
Ships (neut)
scip (nom) scipu (nom)
scip (acc)  scipu (acc) 
scipes (gen) scipa (gen)
scipe (dat) scipum (dat)
Gifts (fem)
giefu (nom) giefa, -e (nom)
giefe (acc)  giefa, -e (acc) 
giefe (gen) giefa, -ena (gen)
giefe (dat) giefum (dat)
Weak Nouns
Names (masc)
nama (nom) naman (nom)
naman (acc)  naman (acc) 
naman (gen) namena (gen)
naman (dat) namum (dat)

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