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Old English Conjunctions

æfter þæm after swa swa just as
ær / ær þæm before swa...swa,; either...or
betweox þæm while swa þæt so that
butan / buton except that; unless, if not swelce / swylce / swilce such as
for þæm because þa when
gif if, whether þa hwile þe as long as, while
hwonne when, until þær / þær þær where; wherever; to where
mid þæm while, when þæs / þæs þe when, after, since; because
nefne / nemne / nymþe unless þæs...þæt so...that
no þy ær none the sooner þæt that, so that
nu now that, because þeah / þeah þe although
oð / oþþæt / oþþe until þenden as long as, while
siþþan after, since, as soon as þonne when, whenever; than
swa hwær swa wherever þy læs lest
swa lange swa as long as to þæm to this end that
swa sona swa as soon as to þæs to the extent that, so that
swa as; so that wiþ þæm so that, provided that

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