Old English at Royal Holloway: Amusements

Old English in the Modern World

Modern English to Old English Vocabulary (by Bill Schipper, Memorial University)

Old English Chat Group (yes, chat in Old English!)

Old English Computer Terminology (by Carl T. Berkhout, University of Arizona, Tucson)

Parodies and Imitations

Student Beowulf-project ((at Pace University)

Beowulf Reduced   (by Michael Alexander)

The Illustrated Beowulf  (student project by Jake Wentworth, starring Clinton and the Cookie Monster)


The Mighty Anglo-Saxon Hog Uprising

Beowulf's Return

Beowulf ond Godsylla


The Ballad of Beowulf (2011)
Music and lyrics by Frank Foerster. Performed by Hanne Ladefoged-Dollase (contralto), Frank Foerster (viola), José Luis Rodriguez (harp), and
Lawrence Zoernig (cello).

The Wanderer, for a capella voices (2005).


Grendel, Grendel, Grendel (1981) Animated film. IMDb entry . Wikipedia entry . Negative review

'Heroes and Demons' (1995) Star Trek episode Wikipedia entry . Memory Alpha entry

The Thirteenth Warrior (1999) (starring Antonio Banderas) It's not as bad as you'd think. IMDb entry . Wikipedia entry . Positive Review . Moderate Review

Beowulf (1999) (starring Christopher Lambert) It is appalling, but amazingly enough, some people liked it. IMDb entry . Wikipedia entry . Positive-ish Review

Beowulf and Grendel (starring Gerard Butler in Iceland; first released summer 2005). IMDb entry . Wikipedia entry . Review by Maclean's magasine

Beowulf (2007) (directed by Robert Zemeckis; script by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary) IMDb entry . Wikipedia entry . Enotes entry . Positive Review . Positive Review

Grendel (2007) (made for television; directed by Nick Lyon) Just awful. IMDb entry . Wikipedia entry .

Outlander (2009) (starring James Caviezel) Beowulf and Grendel come from space. It works! IMDb entry. Wikipedia entry. RottenTomatoes review (negative)

Review of 5 attempts to make Beowulf into a film

'New' Old English Texts 

Hrodulf the Red-nosed Reindeer

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