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Current Course Options

Below are preliminary reading lists for courses that ran in either 2016/17 or 2017/18. New courses will be added for 2018/19. While we cannot guarantee that a particular course will run in a given year, we always ensure that students get maximum free choice across the second and third year, and try to accommodate all student preferences wherever possible.


EN1001 Medieval Literature

EN1011: Thinking as a Critic

EN1106 Shakespeare

EN1107 Reorienting the Novel

EN1112 Introducing Poetry

CW1010 Introduction to Creative Writing 

CW1020 Why Write?


EN2001 Middle English Poetry

EN2003 Tolkien's Roots

EN2004 Medieval Dream and Vision

EN2005 Strange Fictions 

EN2008 Myths of Origins

EN2009 Old English Riddles 

EN2010 Renaissance Literature

EN2011 Intensive Shakespeare: Comedy, History, Tragedy

EN2012 Drama and Witchcraft

EN2013 Theatre and the City

EN2014 Early Modern Bodies

EN2015 Paradise in Early Modern Literature

EN2016 Literature after the Conquest

EN2104 Gender and Writing

EN2120 Age of Oppositions: Literature, 1660-1789

EN2204 Tristram Shandy

EN2209 Fictions of Sensation

EN2212 Victorian Literature

EN2213 Romanticism

EN2215 Creative Writing: Structure and Style

EN2217 Queer Histories: Contemporary Gay and Lesbian British and Irish Fiction

EN2220 Four National Poets

EN2309 Literature of the Fin-de-Siecle

EN2312 British Drama

EN2321 Dark Reform

EN2324 Contemporary Debates in Critical and Literary Theory

EN2325 Modernist Literature

EN2337 Art of Noise

EN2500 Shakespeare from Page to Stage

CW2010 Playwriting

CW2020 Fiction

CW2030 Poetry


EN3003 Tolkien's Roots 

EN3008 Myths of Origins

EN3009 Old English Riddles

EN3011 Advanced Shakespeare: The Problem Plays

EN3012 Drama & Witchcraft 1576-1642   

EN3014 Early Modern Bodies

EN3015 Paradise in Early Modern Literature

EN3016 Literature after Conquest

EN3021 Middle English Poetry

EN3024 Medieval Dream and Vision

EN3025 Strange Fictions: Romance in the Middle Ages

EN3106 Literature and Philosophy

EN3112 Tragedy

EN3117 James Joyce

EN3118 Shakespearean Adaptation

EN3119 Painting and Writing

EN3124 Gender and Writing

EN3125 Character and Selfhood

EN3202 Nineteenth Century Literature and Culture

EN3204 Reading Tristram Shandy

EN3209 Fictions of Sensation

EN3217 Queer Histories: Contemporary Gay and Lesbian British and Irish Fiction

EN3218 Writing Migrant Identities

EN3223 Special Topic: The Girl in the Book

EN3225 Special Topic: Children's Literature

EN3226 Special Topic: Post-colonial Novel

EN3228 Special Topic: Byron

EN3311 Poetic Practice

EN3316 Odysseus' Scar: Time in Modern Literature and Film

EN3317 Art of Noise

EN3326 Pastoral

EN3328  Visual and Verbal in the Long Nineteenth Century

EN3332 New York Schools

EN3335 British Fiction and the Road to War

EN3329 The Great American Novella

EN3504 Conrad

EN3505 Woolf

EN3507 Special Author: Chaucer

EN3515: Special Author: Dickens

EN3516 Special Author: Hardy

EN3518 Of Circumference: Reading Emily Dickinson

EN3519 Special Author: Beckett

EN3521 Oscar Wilde

EN3522 Special Author: The Brontes

EN3523 Reading the Wasteland

CW30X0 Final Projects

CW3010 Playwriting 2

CW3020 Fiction 2

CW3030 Poetry 2

CW3103 Screenwriting

CW3103 Writing Men

CW3103 Writing for Young Children/ Adults

CW3103 Writing Men: The Burden of Masculinity 


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