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EN3310 Rites of Passage: The Male Bildungsroman Since 1945

Summer Reading List


Primary Texts

Week 1: Introduction.

Week 2: J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye [1951] (London: Penguin,1994)

Week 3: L.P. Hartley, The Go-Between [1953] (London: Penguin, 2004)

Week 4: William Golding, Lord of the Flies [1954] (London: Faber and  Faber, 2002)

Week 5: Philip Roth, Portnoy’s Complaint [1969]) (London: Vintage, 2005)

Week 6: Reading Week

Week 7: Good Will Hunting (dir; Gus Van Zant)

Week 8: Jennifer Johnston, How Many Miles to Babylon? [1974] (London: Penguin, 2010)

Week 9: Russell Hoban, Riddley Walker [1980] (London: Bloomsbury, 2002)

Week 10: J.G. Ballard, Empire of the Sun [1984] (London: Flamingo, 1994)

Week 11: Review


Suggested Reading

Michael Beddow, The Fiction of Humanity: Studies in the Bildungsroman from Wieland to Thomas Mann (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1982) [830.39353 Bed]

Morris Beja, Epiphany in the Modern Novel (London: Owen, 1971) [809.933 Bej]

Maurice Berger, Brian Wallis and Simon Watson, ed., Constructing Masculinity (New York: Routledge, 1995) [155.332 Con] Bed + SL

Virginia L. Blum, Hide and Seek: The Child Between Psychoanalysis and Fiction (Urbana: University of Illinois, 1995) [801.92 Blu]

Peter Brooks, Psychoanalysis and Storytelling (Oxford: Blackwell, 1994) [801.92 Bro]

Jerome Hamilton Buckley, Season of Youth: the Bildungsroman from Dickens to Golding (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard, 1974) [827.33 Buc]

David Cowart, History and the Contemporary Novel (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1989) [809.39319 Cow] + SL

Paul Fussell, The Great War and Modern Memory (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1975) [828.9358 Fus]

James Hardin, ed. Reflection and Action: Essays on the Bildungsroman (S.C.: University of South Carolina Press, 1991) [830.33 Ref]

Nicola King, Memory, Identity, Narrative: Remembering the Self (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2000) [809 Kin] + [SL]

Jeffrey Mehlman, Genealogies of the Text: Literature, Psychoanalysis and the Literary Subject (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995) [848.9 Meh]

Franco Moretti, The Way of the World: the Bildungsroman in European Culture (London: Verso, 1987) [809.3 Mor]

Berthold Schoene-Harwood, Writing Men: Literary Masculinities from Frankenstein to the New Man (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2000) [827.935252 Sch] + [SL]

Martin Swales, The German Bildungsroman from Wieland to Hesse (Princton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1978) [830.33 Swa]

Please Note: Bed = Bedford Library; [SL] = Short Loan



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