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EN3226 The Post-Colonial Novel: The Art of Resistance

Summer Reading List 2017-18

Course Tutor: Dr Mark Mathuray



Scope: The end of the various colonial empires in the middle of the twentieth century saw an explosion of literatures from the newly emergent postcolonial societies. Rather than provide a survey of the field of postcolonial studies, this course aims at engaging the recent debates in postcolonial writing, theory and criticism. In the first term we will critically examine a range of postcolonial novels from Britain’s erstwhile empire, paying attention to issues such as the boons and contradictions of writing in the language of the colonial powers, the postcolonial reclamation of the Western canon etc. and focussing on genres such as postcolonial modernism, magic realism, and postcolonial science fiction. In the second term, we will engage the potential conjunctures/disjunctures between gender identity, feminism and postcolonialism. Close attention will be paid to novels and their historical legacies of colonialism and resistance. The course aims also to highlight the literary dynamism and lively debate that characterise the field.  


Summer Reading:

In preparation for the first seminar, you should read Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Achebe’s Things fall Apart. Compare their distinct depictions of African culture.

Also, attempt to provide definitions for the following terms: colonialism; postcolonialism; and neo-colonialism.


For a general introduction to the field, look at Ania Loomba’s Colonialism/Postcolonialism and Elleke Boehmer’s Colonial and Postcolonial Literature: Migrant Metaphors.






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