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EN2110 / EN3110 Eighteenth-Century Bodies

Summer Reading List (2014-15)


Course Tutor: Elaine McGirr


Seminar Topics

Week 1 Introduction: Identity and the Eighteenth Century

Week 2 Bodies in Motion, Bodies in Union? [Humphry Clinker]

Week 3 Curing Bodies and Souls [Humphry Clinker]

Week 4 The History of Sexuality [The Relapse]

Week 5 Patriarchal Discourses [Cecilia]


Week 7 Cecilia and Models of Value [Cecilia]

Week 8 Performing Bodies (gender) [Rape of the Lock]

Week 9 Performing Bodies (didacticism) [selections from the Tatler and Spectator]

Week 10 Foreign Bodies (Orientalism) [Nourjahad]

Week 11 Foreign Bodies (Irish) [The Irish Widow]

Required Texts

[you should read these over the summer and then again during the term]

  • Burney, Frances. Cecilia, Oxford: OUP, 1999. [this is a very long novel]
  • Garrick, David. The Irish Widow
  • Mackie, Erin, ed. The Commerce of Everyday Life: Selections from the Tatler and Spectator.  Boston: Bedford, 1998. [read the introduction over the summer and dip through the esasys]
  • Pope, Alexander. The Rape of the Lock [any edition – it’s free on Kindle]
  • Sheridan, Frances. The History of Nourjahad (1767)
  • Smollet, Tobias. The Expedition of Humphry Clinker, Oxford: OUP, 1998. [another long novel]
  • Vanbrugh, John. The Relapse and Other Plays, Oxford: OUP, 2004. [read The Relapse]

Recommended Summer Reading

  • Colley, Linda. Britons: Forging the Nation, 1707-1837. New Haven, CT: Yale UP, 1992. [a really useful narrative history. Straightforward account of the period]
  • Laquer, Thomas. Making Sex: Body and Gender From The Greeks To Freud. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1990. [important account of the history of sexuality.]
  • Goring, Paul. The Rhetoric of Sensibility in Eighteenth-Century Culture. Cambridge: CUP, 2005.
  • McGirr, Elaine. Eighteenth-Century Characters. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2007.
  • Porter, Roy, and Lesley Hall. The Facts of Life: Creation and Sexual Knowledge in Britain, 1650-1950. New Haven, CT: Yale UP, 1995.
  • Rogers, Ben. Beef and Liberty: Roast Beef, John Bull and the English Nation. London: Vintage, 2004.
  • Spacks, Patricia Meyer. Privacy: Concealing the Eighteenth-Century Self. Chicago: CUP, 2003.
  • Zwicker, Steven N., ed. The Cambridge Companion to English Literature, 1650-1740. Cambridge: CUP, 1998.

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