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Practice-based PhD Seminar, Wednesday 13 February 2013, 5-7pm

Posted on 11/02/2013

Practice-based PhD Seminar

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Wednesday 13 February 2013, 5-7pm (Room G3, 11 Bedford Square, London WC1E 6DP)

@ 5.00pm
Zoi Dachri

Bridging the gaps: An exploration of musical polystylism

Zoi Dachri, Bridging the Gaps

In this presentation I aim to discuss the tension and interplay of different musical styles coexisting in a single piece of composition, as well as the relationship between several pieces of my PhD portfolio. As a composer and musicologist I have always stumbled upon distinctive terms such as “concert”, “experimental”, “popular” music etc., in addition to the disparate musical ‘languages’ of tonality and atonality. The development of technology has added manipulation (deconstruction and reconstruction of sounds), noise, soundscaping, not to mention the electronically synthesized sounds. The term “music” itself has been redefined.

At the beginning of the 21st century, access to music, knowledge and means of composition have significantly changed. In this context, I find it inevitable for composers to combine their influences at some level. After all, fusion is nothing new to music, though now the distance to bridge might be longer. In my research I try to consciously weave elements from different musical idioms in what hopes to be a cohesive result. The basic element that interconnects the various pieces that form my PhD portfolio is the recurring reference to Greek traditional music.

Brief Bio
Zoi Dachri is a PhD candidate in Composition supervised by Mark Bowden and Brian Lock, exploring polystylism in both acoustic and electroacoustic music.  She has studied musicology, performance and composition in conservatories and universities in Greece and the UK. She has participated in ensembles of classical, popular and traditional music, and has composed for theatre and film.

@ 6.00pm
Lenny Henry

Q: Who runs the world ? A: Still men, sorry: Stereotyped women in sports films

Lenny Henry (with hat)

The afterglow of the 2012 Olympics still shines within all our hearts, and the images of our gold medallists Victoria Pendleton, Jessica Ennis and Nicola Adams are burnt indelibly into our imaginations. But why is this triumph not reflected in terms of mainstream sports cinema?  

Women's roles (even with the advent of feminism) have mostly been a stereotypic affair in the sports film genre – ‘Wife, cheerleader, temptress or booster.’ How has this situation been allowed to continue? Which are the movies that have perpetuated these stereotypes? And which ones have flipped the script? And are women's sports films really sports films - or a kind of melodrama? All these questions answered plus some jokes...be there.

Brief Bio
Lenny Henry has been a show business professional since 1975 when he won a talent show called New Faces as a comedy impressionist. Since then he has worked constantly on TV, stage and radio in programmes like: Tiswas, Three of a Kind, the Lenny Henry show, Chef, Hope and Glory, Lenny Goes to Town, White Goods, Alive and Kicking, Lennyhenrytv.com; plus three South Bank shows, various documentaries. He is a founder member of Comic Relief. His recent work as an actor has seen him win critical praise, particularly  his debut stage role in Northern broadside's Othello (directed by Barrie Rutter) and for the National Theatre’s Comedy of Errors (directed by Dominic Cooke).


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