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Current Postgraduate Research Students: 19th Century Literature

Cover of The Pre-Raphaelite Body: Fear and Desire in Painting Poetry and Criticism, by Prof. Barrie BullenWomen and girls working with textiles in a Victorian factory. Copyright Kirklees Image ArchiveHardy's Shorter Fiction cover Sophie GilmartinGathering bananas, British Guiana (now Guyana), 19th century. Copyright BCC Library Service

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Keith Alcorn (History)
The Empire in the Garden: Empire, Gardens and National Identity in 19th and 20th century Britain
Supervisor: Dr. Zoe Laidlaw

Kelly Bushnell
19th Century Sea Narratives
Supervisor:  Dr. Sophie Gilmartin

Marie Cambefort (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)
Neither Salon nor Goldfish Bowl: the Consumption of British Paintings at the Venice Biennale, 1895-1914
Supervisor: Dr. Giuliana Pieri

Katie Carpenter (History)
The Kitchen as Scientific Space in England, 1870-1914
Supervisor:  Dr Jane Hamlett

Michelle Clarabut
On the repatriation of Italian art after the Napoleonic period
Supervisor:  Dr. Guiliana Pieri

David Curran (Music)
A Study into the aesthetic outlook of the French composer Hector Berlioz
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Mark Berry
Co-Supervisor: Professor Stephen Downes
Advisor: Professor David Charlton

James Culter (English and Media Arts)
Remembering the Victorians: Cultural Legacy, Place and Popularity
Co-Supervisor: Professor Juliet John
Co-Supervisor:Professor Barry Langford

Ghoncheh Dolatshahi (German and History)
The variations of Goethe's Orientalism and German-Iranian relations
Co-Supervisor: Professor W. Daniel Wilson
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Ilker Evrim Binbas
Advisor: Dr. Emily Jeremiah

Tamsin Evernden
Dickens and Character
Supervisor:  Professor Juliet John 
Advisor: Dr. Sophie Gilmartin

Lyndsay Galpin (History)
By His Own Hand: Suicide and Masculinity in Victorian Britain
SupervisorDr Alex Windscheffel
Second Supervisor:  Dr Ruth Livesey

Alina Ghimpu-Hague
Equilibrium through Disorder: A Physiology of Nonsense Literature
Supervisor:  Dr. Sophie Gilmartin
Advisor: Professor Tim Armstrong

Krissie Glover (History)
Class, Gender and Property Crime in South East England 1861-1901
Supervisor: Dr. Jane Hamlett
Advisor: Dr. Graham Smith

Helen Goodman
Mad Men: Borderlines of Insanity, Masculinity and Emotion in Mid-Victorian Literature and Culture
Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Livesey
Second Supervisor: Professor Juliet John

Michelle Gordon
British Colonial Violence in Perak, Sierra Leone and the Sudan
Supervisor:  Professor Dan Stone

Johanna Holmes
Strong women: Images of womanhood and middle-class women 1820-1880
Supervisor:  Dr Alex Windscheffel

Katy Jackson
Cutlery in Victorian Literature 
Supervisor:  Professor Juliet John
Adviser:  Dr Jane Hamlett

Lee Jackson
Supervisor: Professor Juliet John

Michaela Jones (History)
Christiana Herringham and the Art Collection of Royal Holloway and Bedford New College
Supervisor:  Dr Stella Moss
Supervisor: Dr Laura MacCulloch

Vivi Lachs (History and Music)
Anglo-Jewish immigrant history through Yiddish texts in the public sphere, such as poetry in the press and music hall and theatre songs which reflect the British immigrant experience
Co-Supervisor: Professor David Cesarani
Co-Supervisor: Professor Rachel Beckles Willson

Tim Moore (English)
Adolescence, Anxiety and Loneliness in the British Novel, 1770-1850
Supervisor: Dr Ruth Livesey

Benjamin Newman (Geography)
Geographies in dialogue: Print Culture at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), c. 1830-c. 1930
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Innes M. Keighren
Co-Supervisor: Professor Klaus Dodds
Co-Supervisor: Dr Catherine Souch

Jamie Nightingale (History)
The School Board for London and the training ship tradition: the T S Shaftesbury's literal, metaphorical, and institutional spaces
Supervisor: Dr. Jane Hamlett

Gursimran Oberoi (external affiliate)
Global Watts: Allegories for All 1880-1980 with the Watts Gallery and the University of Surrey
Supervisor: Dr Vicky Greenaway (RHUL)
Supervisor: Dr Constance Bantman (University of Surrey)
Supervisor: Professor Patricia Pulham (University of Surrey)
Supervisor: Dr Nicholas Tromans (Watts Gallery)

Colette Ramuz
Dickens and Mouth Fetish: identity, desire and consumption in selected works of Charles Dickens
Supervisor:  Professor Juliet John
Advisor:  Dr Ruth Livesey

Romany Regan (Drama/ Practice-based)
Audio Aalks for Abney Park Cemetery
Supervisor: Professor Helen Nicholson

Rebecca Swartz (History)
Ignorant and idle: Indigenous education in Natal and Western Australia, 1830-1875
Supervisor: Dr Zoe Laidlaw

Daniel Simpson (History)
The Royal Navy and Colonial Collecting in Australia, c. 1820-1870
Co-Supervisor: Dr Zoe Laidlaw
Co-Supervisor: Dr Gaye Sculthorpe, British Museum 

Emily Smith
Charles Dickens and the Heritage Industry
Co-Supervisor: Professor Juliet John
Co-Supervisor: Dr Jane Hamlett

Zoe Thomas (History)
The Women's Guild of Arts: gender, spatiality and professional identity in London, c. 1880-1930
Supervisor: Dr. Jane Hamlett

Adele Ward (English and Creative Writing/ Practice-based)
Novel on Victorian poet, novelist and essayist, Mary E. Coleridge
Co-Supervisor: Professor Andrew Motion
Co-Supervisor: Professor Robert Hampson

Brooke Weber (History)
Female emigration (particularly single women) to Australia in the latter half of the nineteenth century
Supervisor: Dr Zoe Laidlaw

Rosalind White
Masculinity under the Microscope: Natural History's Feminine Frame
Supervisor: Dr Ruth Livesey

Susan Woodall 
Institutions for fallen women in Victorian England
Supervisor: Dr Jane Hamlett

Stuart Wrigley (History)
Johannes and Bertha Ronge: a case study in Anglo-German relations
Supervisor: Dr Rudolf Muhs


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