The Liturgical Commission:

The Second Windsor Group Meeting


The second meeting of the Windsor Group of The Faerie Queene Liturgy Project took place on the 5th of July, 2010, at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Participants included:

Sarah Apetrei
Ewan Fernie
David Fuller
Kevin Morris
Ben Quash
Michael Symmons Roberts
David Ruiter (by correspondence)
Andrew Shanks
Jo Shapcott
Andrew Taylor

Salley Vickers, Monawar Hussain and Graham Holderness sent apologies.

Those writing the liturgical text for Windsor and Manchester—Ewan Fernie, Michael Symmons Roberts, Jo Shapcott and Andrew Shanks—met first and then presented their plans and new writing to the rest of the group.

It was a vigorous conversation, in which both plans and work-in-progress were essentially praised but also passionately critiqued.

A number of things emerged especially strongly: a sense that liturgy should be formative and not just expressive; a sense that Spenser’s combative side could be positively inspiring; a sense that liturgy must assume, and bear out, its own authority; a sense that we will require a dramaturg to manage and envision the theatrical dimension, and difficulties, of working with musicians, choir and various speakers, as well as what we have decided should be a promenading audience / congregation.

Since the meeting in July, the writers have made further progress; Andrew Taylor and Ewan Fernie have met with Martin Denny, the Director of the Windsor Festival; and Kevin Morris, Andrew Taylor and Ewan Fernie have met with Canon John White. These meetings have been especially helpful in furnishing an idea of the physical event in Windsor. Ewan Fernie has invited Elisabeth Dutton to act as dramaturg for the Windsor event.


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