Public Events

There will be two primary public events to come from The Liturgy Project:

One will take place in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, on Thursday 17th of March 2011 at 7pm, and form part of the Windsor Spring Festival, 2011. Our apologies, but contrary to previous advertisement, this event will NOT now feature Andrew Motion.

The other will be held on Sunday May the 8th 2011 at 5.30pm in Manchester Cathedral, and will be preceded by a procession, through the city streets, with Catalan-style 'gegants', giant puppet figures, representing Spenserian figures.

Associated with The Fable and Drama Project are two public events, which bring both component projects together:

An arts event run by the Poet in the City charity at major London venue King's Place to be held on Monday the 7th of March 2011.

A two-day cross-sector conference at Cumberland Lodge, to be held from Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th January 2011, which will bring conference delegates together with the separate constituencies and sub-projects in schools, churches and King’s Place for a day of performances, dialogue and academic reflection on The Faerie Queene Now Project under the wider umbrella of spirituality and poetry.


Cumberland Lodge, The Great Park, Windsor
Wednesday 26th - Friday 28th January 2011

Conference Description:

Religion is back in the news.  Minority faiths and unchurched spirituality are thriving.  There is a rising interest in the spiritual possibilities of art.  This conference explores poetry’s potential to take centre stage in people’s lives, to speak directly to their most pressing personal, existential and civic concerns, to challenge and to change them.  Many decades ago now Virginia Woolf wrote, ‘some people go to priests; others to poetry’ – poetry here is kin to confession or therapy, cleansing troubled souls through rituals of speaking and sharing. But what of poetry’s potential as an agent of difficult spiritual struggle – the struggle for virtue, or the struggle against a perceived wrong or adversary, or even against evil itself? Religion and poetry, now as ever, cannot be restricted to pastoral restoratives and peace.

Speakers include:

Michael Symmons Roberts, Paul Fiddes, Andrew Motion, Jo Shapcott, Lachlan Mackinnon, Graham Holderness, Stephen Regan, David Fuller, Eric Mallin, Monawar Hussain, Andrew Shanks, Elisabeth Dutton, SuAndi, Salley Vickers, Jonathan Dollimore, Simon Palfrey and Ewan Fernie.


The registration fee is £230 including two nights’ accommodation in a beautiful historic building in Windsor Great Park, wine food from award-winning chefs. 

For more information on how to register contact Janis Reeves on or 01784497794

Or download a registration form by visiting:

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