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Royal Holloway is one of the UK's leading, research intensive universities, and home to a world-leading research community, with a commitment to research-led teaching. The Department of Electronic Engineering complements our diverse research portfolio with its own unique areas of research to build additional world-class centres of expertise in new areas of activity, such as power systems, communications, nanotechnology, music and media technology, human factors, novel computing and signal processing. 

Our current research groups include:

Voice and Audio Group

Group leader: Professor David Howard

Crucial to human existence is our ability to communicate by voice (speech and singing). Increasing our understanding about voice production and hearing provides a route to improving analysis and communication systems in the future. The Voice and Audio Group aims to understand how we hear sounds and to further knowledge of and improve acoustic analysis techniques, as well as implications relating to sound production and perception.

For more information please visit our Voice and Audio Group page.

Nano-Electronics Group

Group leader: Dr Wenqing Liu

Nano-electronics is an emergent interdisciplinary topic for the research of how nanotechnology
can be used in Electronic Engineering. It covers a diverse set of advanced electronic materials
and devices, with the common characteristic that they are so small that inter-atomic interactions and quantum phenomena need to be studied extensively. This holds the fundamental answer for how people may increase the capabilities of the next-generation sensing, computation, and memory devices while reducing their size, weight, and power-consumption. The Department of Electronic Engineering at Royal Holloway performs cutting edge research in nano-electronics by working closley with theorists and experimentalists in physics, chemistry, biology, material and computer science.

For more information please visit our Nano-Electronics Group page.

Power Systems Group

Group leader: Dr Stefanie Kuenzel

Power Systems is a research topic addressing many of the current challenges ranging from climate change to depletion of limited resources, ultimately aiming for a sustainable energy
future. It covers a diverse set of topics, ranging from electricity generation to transmission and demand side management. Research in power systems enables a future with vast amounts of renewable generation including wind, photovoltaic and other emerging technologies. This future requires research in order to deliver a stable and reliable transmission system to transport the power and a smarter way of measuring power consumption and altering demand behavior. Through a collaborative approach, the Power Systems Group performs cutting edge research within the department as well as with external contacts from industry and academia.

Click here to download information of the Leverhulme Magna Carta Doctoral Training Scholarship.

For more information please visit our Power Systems Group research page.


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