Who does inSTIL?

  • Postgraduate tutors
  • Visiting Lecturers (non-established teachers)
  • Staff who teach at Royal Holloway (e.g. technicians, post-doctoral researchers, and others)

The programme is available to any individual with teaching duties (lead or as part of a team at Royal Holloway) and is required for any postgraduate in a lead teaching role (i.e. conducting teaching sessions entirely on their own). Please note that you must be teaching at the time you are participating in inSTIL, as teaching observations are an important part of the programme. You will need to be observed teaching on at least two separate occasions, for approximately an hour on each occasion.

What is inSTIL?

The Programme has been designed to be highly interactive and will give you the maximum opportunity to develop your skills as a university teacher, to share ideas with your peers, and to determine what approaches will work in your own teaching situations. The course is accredited by the Higher Education Academy|. This means that you will automatically qualify for Associate Membership of the Academy after successful completion of this programme. This is a direct benefit to those who wish to make careers in the university sector in the UK and abroad. Successful completion of inSTIL carries 15 credits at Master's level. If you have any questions, please contact Educational Development|.

When does inSTIL start?

There will be a number of inSTIL introductory days which will run in September and October (you need attend only one). Dates of these sessions will be posted here very soon.

If you will be teaching in the 2015 - 2016 academic year, you should aim to attend one of the above introductory days, as this will greatly simplify completing inSTIL for you. The other programme sessions will run over the Autumn and Spring terms (typically you will need to attend a minimum of 10  hours of workshops).

Further information, and enrolling on inSTIL|

inSTIL Director: Lynne Francis|.

What if I am not teaching?

Those members of staff (e.g. post-doctoral researchers) not teaching at Royal Holloway, but with an interest in teaching in higher education, are encouraged to attend the 'Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education' workshops held each year.

For more details, please contact Mark Crompton|. PhD students who are not teaching can attend this through the Researcher Development Programme| (formerly GSP).