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ExPreSS Publications

 o   Blanco, Mariana, Engelmann, Dirk, Koch, Alexander K. and Norman, HT: Belief Elicitation in Experiments: Is there a Hedging Problem?, Experimental Economics, 2010, 13, 412–438.

o    Blanco, Mariana, Engelmann Dirk and Norman, HT: A Within-Subject Analysis of Other-Regarding PreferencesGames and Economic Behavior, 2010, 72(2), 321-338.

o   Bohnet, Iris, Harmgart, Heike, Huck, Steffen and Jean-Robert Tyran: Learning trust, Journal of the European Economic Association, 2005, 3, 322-329.

o   Caminati, Mauro, Innocenti, Alessandro and Ricciuti, Roberto: Drift and Equilibrium Selection with Human and Computer Players, Economics Bulletin, 2008, 3, 1-7.

o    De Sousaa, Yannick Ferreira and Munro, Alistair: Truck, barter and exchange versus the endowment effect: Virtual field experiments in an online game environment, Journal of Economic Psychology, 33(3), 482-493.

o   Christoph Eisenegger, Michael Naef, Anke Linssen, Luke Clark, Praveen K Gandamaneni, Ulrich Müller and Trevor W Robbins (2014), "Role of Dopamine D2 Receptors in Human Reinforcement Learning", Neuropsychopharmacology

o   Eisenegger, Christoph & Michael Naef (2011). “Combining behavioral endocrinology and experimental economics: testosterone and social decision making”, Journal of Visualized Experiments, 49. (can be downloaded from http://www.researchgate.net/publication/255181258_JoVE_video_2065)

o    Engelmann, Dirk and Grimm, Veronica: Mechanisms for Efficient Voting with Private Information about Preferences, The Economic Journal, 2012, 122(563), 1010-1041.

o    Engelmann, Dirk and Müller, Wieland: Collusion through price ceiling? In search of a focal-point effect, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2011, 79(3), 291-302.

o    Engelmann, Dirk and Strobel, Martin: Inequality Aversion and Reciprocity in Moonlighting Games, Games, 2010, 1(4), 459-477.

o   Fonseca, Miguel, Müller, Wieland and Norman, HT: Endogenous Timing in Duopoly: Experimental Evidence, International Journal of Game Theory, 2006, 34, 443-456.

o   Fonseca, Miguel A. and Norman, HT: Mergers, Asymmetries and Collusion: Experimental Evidence, Economic Journal, 2008, 118, 387-400.

o   Güth, Werner, Nikiforakis, Nikos and Norman, HT: Vertical Cross-Shareholding: Theory and Experimental Evidence, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2007, 25, 69-89.

o   Huck, Steffen, Fonseca, Miguel A. and Norman, HT: Playing Cournot Although They Shouldn't, Economic Theory, 2005, 25, 669-677.

o   Huck, Steffen and Lünser, Gabriele: Group reputations: An experimental forayJournal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2010, 73, 153-157.

o   Huck, Steffen, Lünser, Gabriele and Tyran, Jean-Robert: Consumer networks and firm reputation: A first experimental investigationEconomics Letters, 2010, 108, 242-244.

o   Huck, Steffen, Seltzer, Andrew and Wallace, Brian Deferred compensation in multi-period labor contracts: An experimental test of Lazear's Model, American Economic Review, 2011, 101, 819-843

o   Koch, Alexander and Norman, HT: Giving in Dictator Games: Regard for Others or Regard by others?, Southern Economic Journal, 2008, 75(1), 223-231.

o   Kübler, Dorothea, Müller, Wieland and Norman, HT: Job-market signaling and screening: An experimental comparison, Games and Economic Behavior, 2008, 64, 219-236.

o   Lim, Wooyoung and Neary, Philip, "An Experimental Investigation of Stochastic Stability", 2013, working paper.

o   Munro, Alistair and Popov, Danail: A portmanteau experiment on the relevance of individual decision anomalies for households, Experimental Economics, 2012, 1-14.

o   Naef, Michael and Sontuoso, Alessandro “A test for conformist motivations in Experimental Games”, Working paper

o   Nikiforakis, Nikos and Engelmann, Dirk: Altruistic punishment and the threat of feuds, Journal of Behavior & Organization, 2011, 78(3), 319-332.

o   Nikiforakis, Nikos and Norman, HT: A Comparative-Statics Analysis of Punishment in Public Good Experiments, Experimental Economics, 2008, 11(4), 358-369.

o   Nikiforakis, Nikos, Norman, HT and Wallace, Brian: Asymmetric Enforcement of Cooperation in a Social Dilemma,Southern Economic Journal, 2010, 76(3), 638–659.

o   Norman, HT: Do Vertical Mergers Enable to Raise Rivals' Costs? - Experimental Evidence, Journal of Industrial Economics, 2011, LIX(3), 506-527.

o   Norman, HT, Ruffle, Bradley and Snyder, Chris: Do Buyer-Size Discounts Depend on the Curvature of the Surplus Function? Experimental Tests of Bargaining Models, RAND Journal of Economics, 2007, 38(3), 747-767.

o   Norman, HT and Wallace, Brian: The Impact of the Termination Rule on Cooperation in a Prisoner's Dilemma Experiment, International Journal of Game Theory, 2012, 41, 707-718.

o   van der Leer, Leslie ; Bjoern Hartig, Maris Goldmanis, Ryan T. McKay, “Do delusion prone participants jump to conclusions?”


Please address any queries regarding the ExpRess Lab to; express@rhul.ac.uk


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