Be a good neighbour

We strongly encourage all students living or passing through the local community to follow our Be A Good Neighbour guidelines so that we are all working together to maintain a harmonious, happy community.

Be a Good Neighbour

  • Seek to develop a friendly relationship with your neighbours when you move in and introduce yourselves to them early on.  
  • If problems arise try to talk the issues through and sort them out amicably.
  • If you are doing okay but others down the street are causing large-scale problems, talk to someone in the Welfare & Wellbeing team or the Students' Union to see if we can find a way to defuse the situation.
  • If you do find yourself involved in a dispute with neighbours, e-mail or come in and talk to us as soon as possible.  
  • We will always support the amicable resolution of problems.

Be a Good Neighbour 2016

Welcome letter 2016


Please take care.... 

Royal Holloway is committed to maintaining the best possible relationship with the local community. We are also aware that the vast majority of our students contribute greatly and in many ways to the local community and local economy. 

The university respects the independence of its students; it is not our job to supervise the behaviour of people who are legally adults.

The tiny minority of students who wilfully or repeatedly upset local residents by unreasonable behaviour are not only making life difficult for those around them, they are also harming the university and disadvantaging future students.

The university always works closely with Surrey Police and the RBC Environmental Health team to ensure those responsible for serious anti-social behaviour are clearly identified. If it is officially substantiated that students are behaving in a way that is damaging to the university reputation, we will use the powers at our disposal to discipline and, if necessary in extreme cases, even to exclude the perpetrators.

Community living information & resources for students 

Royal Holloway University of London: Be A Good Neighbour guide.

We strongly encourage all students living or passing through the local community to follow our Be A Good Neighbour guidelines so that we are all working together to maintain a harmonious, happy community.  

We also publish an A-Z guide to living in the private sector.

Runnymede Borough Council: Housing guide

Runnymede Borough Council Private Sector Housing team can help with some aspects of student housing in the local community.  They have produced a Guide for Students (2012) which you may find useful.  If you wish to contact them please email 

University of London: Student Housing guide

University of London Housing Services have also produced a handy guide to all aspects of private sector housing - planning to look for private sector housing, searching for a suitable property, moving in and resolving issues. 

Community Wellbeing: Information flyers for students living off-campus

Contact Community, Wellbeing & Student Outreach for more information:

Community Advice

When you move into a residential community, even if there are other students living there, it is important to remember there will also be people there who work (9-5 jobs and shift workers), elderly people, young families, people suffering from long-term illnesses and many more - all of whom will probably have very different lifestyles from students.

Poor relationships with your neighbours will probably spoil your year as well as causing general bad feeling towards the university. Therefore the university and the Students' Union would very much like you to read this, and to do all you can to maintain good relationships within the local community.  Remember the following pointers and be a good neighbour!                   

Noise and Parties


The most frequent concern expressed about students living locally relates to noise - whether it is from parties or having friends round or as people walk home after a night out.  Please remember that all residents are entitled to a quiet life at all times and this includes not being disturbed or woken by others returning to their homes late at night or in the early hours of the morning.  We strongly encourage all students to use the SU SSHH! bus to come home from campus at night as it is the quickest, safest and quietest way to get home or to the station.  

We also ask that you respect the laws and expectations on noise making sure there is no excessive noise at any time and no audible noise at all at night time coming from your property.   There is not a fixed definition of when noise is or is not reasonable in the community in the same way as there is in Halls. We would therefore say there should be no excessive noise at any time and that additional care must be taken on nights preceding work and school days. 

There is also no 'right to party' as some people try to assert and there is a common misconception that you can make as much noise as you like up until 11:00pm, but this is simply not the case.  Music played loudly and frequently at any time could be considered to be a nuisance.

The Community Wellbeing team work exceptionally closely with Surrey Police and Runnymede Borough Council to address issues of noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour as and when they arise.  It is also worth noting that other students can - and do - report being disturbed by noise from other student households themselves and our regulations and expectations treat all residents equally. 


Noise nuisance caused by student parties can be complaint from neighbours in the area surrounding the university. Poor relations with your neighbours can cause unnecessary unpleasantness and general bad feeling towards the College. Furthermore, there are a range of legal powers open to neighbours and landlords to use and in some areas they have been quick to invoke these.  In serious cases, College will also take action against students to preserve good relationships locally. There are few things more miserable than seeing students in serious trouble over something that was originally meant to be fun, so do take precautions against complaints in advance. 

Generally any noise that can be heard outside the premises can be defined as a nuisance. Therefore we suggest that if you are arranging a party you:

  • Involve your neighbours in advance. Give them sufficient notice and agree a reasonable time to bring the party to an end. You may even consider inviting neighbours along to join you. Friday and Saturday nights are likely to be more acceptable nights, as the majority of people don't have to get up early for work or the school run.
  • Be aware that sound carries much further out of doors. It is a good idea to keep windows and external doors closed as much as possible to keep the noise inside.
  • Encourage guests to arrive and leave quietly and if using cars to drive and park them responsibly.
  • Be careful how widely you circulate invitations (particularly through social media) and who you invite as you will be held responsible for the behaviour of gatecrashers and excluded guests who cause a disturbance in the street.
  • If things go seriously wrong, close the party down, if necessary involving the Police yourself.
  • Unless you have particularly relaxed neighbours, don't expect to be able to hold repeated parties. Spread the load by getting friends to use their houses instead.

The university does its best to try and resolve any disputes by consensus. If neighbours are troubled, we ask them where possible to raise the issue with you first and to contact the university only if a resolution cannot be reached. The vast majority of cases that are referred to us are resolved without disciplinary sanctions, but if we receive formal substantiated complaints, especially when backed with evidence from the Surrey Police or Environmental Health department, the university will look to impose a penalty on students and these penalties can be severe.  

In addition to the risk of causing problems of noise nuisance, parties within your own property run the risk of attracting gate crashers, theft from and damage to your property and we've seen this happen. It is better to socialise in venues like the SU where staff are looking out for your safety and security and where there is soundproofing!

Refuse & Recycling

Many of you will be away from home for the first time, so it's down to you to do your bit to save the planet, keep your neighbours happy and help cut the amount of refuse that goes into landfill.

Runnymede Borough Council operate a comprehensive kerbside recycling service in the blue lidded wheelie bins. In addition to this there are black wheelie bins containing non-recyclable materials (polystyrene, soft plastics e.g cling film, plastic bags). These bins are collected fortnightly on alternate weeks.Please remember to wash and squash all recylables!  Food waste in the caddy is collected weekly and should be put in biodegradable bags or wrapped in newspaper. Please do not use plastic bags as your waste will not be collected.

Your bin / containers are required to be put out at the boundary of your property by 6:00am on the day of your collection. 

  • Please ensure you do not leave your bins out on the street; once the refuse has been collected please return these to your storage place as soon as possible as they can become a hazard and restrict access to people using the pavement.

For more information please contact Runnymede Borough Council on 0800 052 0067 (Recycling Hotline) or look at their website  


Appearance of your house....and shopping trolleys

External appearance of your house

You are just passing through, but local residents will have strong feelings about the state of the street. They will worry if properties begin to look dilapidated in case this has a knock-on effect. The British are traditionally very house-proud; few other countries have the same owner-occupier system with the same amount of personal wealth (and therefore emotion) invested in their home.External 

Don't pile rubbish around the bin or let it overflow. The Council contractors do not have to pick up rubbish that is not in the bin so it will probably just stay there. If your bin is not big enough for all the rubbish, ask your landlord to get a second one or contact the Council directly.  Part of the knack of avoiding a build-up is not missing the bin day. You can find out when yours is by phoning Runnymede Borough Council on 0800 052 0067 or by asking your neighbours. There is comprehensive fortnightly kerbside recycling service which helps get rid of papers, packaging, bottles, cans and even food (collected weekly). For more information visit our  Rubbish & Recycling information page.

Don't leave old furniture in the garden. You can contact the council about a special collection or take it to the tip yourself (local tip is at Lyne Lane, Lyne - behind Virginia Water). Be especially careful about this when you are vacating the property as the bad feelings about your uncollected rubbish may well be taken out on the students who follow you.

If your contract means you have to keep the gardens tidy, have a go. If you have not been given the equipment, pester the landlord or arrange to borrow a neighbour's - students who have asked ask nicely enough have sometimes had neighbours mow their lawn for them! If your contract requires your landlords to keep the outside of the house tidy, hold them to it; explain to neighbours the issue is not your fault if they don't do it.

Shopping trolleys 

Shopping trolleys being taken away from the store they belong to is a source of great tension within community relations.  Please remember that trolleys are there to be used within the store only and should not be removed from that area, nor should they be used to take your shopping back to your home or halls address. 

A message from Tesco PLC: Customer Shopping Trolleys (2011)

"We need your help with the persistent problem of people taking shopping trolleys from our superstore in Egham High Street and abandoning in the vicinity of the campus and beyond in the local community. This has a number of consequences for Campus Services at Royal Holloway, the environment, The Tesco business and its customers:  

  • We provide our customers with shopping trolleys for the exclusive use in our store and need trolleys returned to the storage area immediately outside our store so that they are available for customers choosing to shop with us.
  • When trolleys are taken away from our property, this seriously compromises the availability to customers.
  • Stray abandoned trolleys are an eyesore for the residents of Egham and they present a safety hazard.
  • Trolleys which end up in water courses will obstruct the flow of water and wildlife can get trapped and killed.
  • Trolley collection presents our business with an avoidable cost if all customers just returned trolleys and retrieve the £1 coin.
  • Trolleys can get damaged when taken away from our store from negotiating rough terrain, cobbles, stones etc. and replacement is not good for the environment.
  • Our customer trolleys are a Tesco owned asset and taking trolleys away from our store is criminal offence.

We appeal for your cooperation in refraining from taking trolleys away from our store and help us clean up the environment, preserve wildlife and exercise consideration for the residents of Egham. Thank You."


Cars & Parking / Car regulations for students living off-campus

Cars & Parking 

As a country we have far too many cars for our road space, particularly in this part of the South East. Add to that the fact that peoples' emotional attachment to their car is second only to the attachment to their home, and it is clear that trouble can easily flare. Car problems around College have become severe enough for there to be increasing pressure to bring in parking regulations. The more this happens, the more difficulties it will cause for students, so don't contribute to the problem if you can help it. 

Please park considerately and neatly. Badly parked cars can prevent other people getting in and out of their drives. Cars half-parked on pavements, gardens or other peoples' lawns can cause friction, as can careless manoeuvring. Bumps and scrapes can cause huge problems and be expensive to fix. Swallow your pride and get someone to guide you in to a narrow space if need be.

It helps if you can limit the build-up of cars around your house. If your landlords has stipulated how many cars the house has parking for, don't exceed it. Consider whether you need everyone living with you to have their car at College or if you can take turns. You could tell visiting friends if parking is limited and certainly don't offer your street as a place people can leave their cars if they don't live there.

Drive thoughtfully in residential areas - don't rev your engine, leave your car with the engine running or park with the stereo on and the windows open. Never use the horn as an alternative to getting out and knocking at the door. If you are really too lazy to walk up the front path, then text or phone to say you have arrived! Never drive fast or carelessly around people or their children - the fear this raises will make people extremely angry.   

Parking Regulations 

Compared to most universities, Royal Holloway provides a very large amount of student car-parking space, but this is only available to certain students.  Students who live more than 1.5 miles away from campus qualify to apply for a permit and may park their cars in a certain campus car parks if they are successful in applying for a permit.  

Some halls student (those who have contracts at Kingswood) may also apply for a permit to park at their hall but are not allowed to park on the main campus.  For more information contact the Security team in Founder's East.

Students living out of Halls but within 1.5 miles of College may not bring their cars onto campus or park cars in other local streets near campus except where they live if they have permission from the landlord. Planning permissions require Royal Holloway to discourage car parking locally and use disciplinary measures if necessary.    

Anti-Social Behaviour 

College occasionally receives reports of low-level anti-social behaviour. This includes general noise when leaving campus late at night; individuals trying to climb the fences on the College's Egham boundary after the back gate closes in the evening, with resultant noise and damage; and foolish antics such as upturning bins, interfering with car windscreen wipers and knocking at house doors. Such behaviour is fortunately isolated and completely out of character with the normal behaviour of our students locally. Poor relations with our neighbours obviously cause unnecessary unpleasantness and general bad feeling towards the university. Some of these actions are plainly illegal; all of them are inconsiderate. The university works with the Police and the local authority and using CCTV to identify perpetrators. Royal Holloway will take firm action if any students are found to have been involved in such incidents. 

Keeping safe in the evening 

  • Try to avoid walking home alone after dark and stick to well lit main roads. 
  • Familiarise yourself with Surrey Police maps showing the safer walking routes around the local area. 
  • Make sure you stay alert - unplug your iPod / MP3 and don't talk on the phone as you may miss something. 
  • Free personal alarms are available from Founder's West 148.
  • If you live within a 3 mile radius of the campus you can use the SSHH Bus which runs every night during term time. Tickets can be purchased from the SU reception.
  • Report anything suspicious to Security (01784 443063) or Surrey Police (101).

Street lighting

If you notice that a particular street light is not working you can report faults using Surrey County Council's online form. To report an electrical hazard or emergency please telephone 0300 200 1003 as soon as you possibly can after noticing the problem.

Please have the following details to hand when reporting a fault: 

  • The identity number of the street light - found on the lamp post approximately 2 metres from the ground
  • The road name
  • The number or name of the building closest to the light if there are any

Please leave your name and telephone number so the Council can contact you if further information is required

Problems with your private sector housing?

  • If you have concerns about the state of my accommodation such as issues with damp, broken furniture or appliances then write to your landlord explaining the problem and giving them a reasonable time to sort these things out.
  • If you have written to your landlord a couple of times and they have not responded, contact the Students' Union Advice & Support Centre on the different courses of action you can take.  See SURHUL Housing Advice        

TV licensing, House insurance, Council Tax and Registering with a Doctor

TV Licensing 

Your TV is not covered by your parents' licence, so if you plan to watch live television (including on a TV, laptop or PC), you will need to buy a licence for the property. If you have a separate tenancy agreement for your room you will need a separate TV licence - check this with your landlord. Details of costs and how to buy a licence are available at


It is important to insure your possessions against damage and theft.  You can pick up application leaflets from the SU for Endsleigh Student Possessions Insurance.

Council Tax

Students in full-time education are exempt from paying council tax. You will need to send Runnymede Borough Council evidence of your student status when applying for an exemption. For more information please contact the Council  on 01932 425400 or counciltax

Registering with a Doctor

Don't wait until you need a doctor before deciding to register. Check with the University Health Centre (Founder's East 1st Floor) to see if you are in their catchment area. If you're not, they can advise you on your nearest surgery.

Moving out / end of contract advice 

For students living off-campus in rented accommodation, moving out at the end of the academic year can be a large undertaking.   Love your neighbour, save the planet and keep your deposit by using the tips below.

Recycle or donate things you no longer need. 

  • Kerb side collections: Fortnightly for recycling. Plan ahead and check when your last collection day is before you move out at call 0800 052 0067
  • Community Recycling Centre: for larger items or electrical goods, take them along to the recycling centre at Lyne.
  • Charity shops will take clothes, books, CDs etc.  Egham has a wide range on the High Street or look out for local donation bins in Englefield Green & Egham and on campus.
  • Furniture (reusable condition) can be donated to the Besom Trust (01784 470387 or
  • Food(non perishable goods) can be donated to the Addlestone Foodbank (01932 569474 or 

If you can't recycle it:

  • Bin it, don't leave it! Refuse is collected fortnightly and if your bin lid doesn't close the council won't empty it. Side waste around your bin will also not be removed.
  • Community Recycling Centre: Bulky items should still be taken to the tip. The closest one to College is Lyne Community Recycling Centre, Lyne Lane, KT16 0RA  (map below)



Other things to do as you vacte your property.

  • Provide a forwarding address: Remember to provide your landlord with a forwarding address to send any mail that arrives after you vacate the property
  • Read your meters: Make sure you take final meter readings and notify the relevant companies that you are moving.  Include TV Licence, Water, Gas, Electricity, Internet Service provider, Telephone companies (landline and mobile), Council tax and University. 
  • Get cleaning: If you want your deposit back make sure you leave the property in a clean and tidy state - including the oven, shower and kitchen cupboards. Check that you've left everything on the inventory.
  • Arrange an exit inspection: Arrange an exit inspection with your landlord or if this is not possible, take photographs of how you left the property. Remember to return your keys - you are likely to be charged if you don't.
  • Keep things safe: Don't leave your belongings unattended on moving day! Secure all windows and doors when you leave the property. 


September induction talk for 1st years living locally or commuting

Each September over the start of session weekend prior to welcome week we hold an induction talk followed by a free supper for new undergraduate students who are not living in a halls of residence (off-campus residents).  This includes students living locally in Egham or Englefield Green, those further afield, and those commuting from home.

Details of the talk will be placed on the enrolment pages prior to each academic year or you can contact the Community Wellbeing team by email at or on 01784 443394 or 276612 for more information. For further information about the Community Wellbeing team please  click here.





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