Disability & Dyslexia Services (DDS)

Disability and Dyslexia

Royal Holloway recognises that each student is unique and will have the intellectual capacity to succeed. As part of this uniqueness, some students may have a physical impairment, longstanding medical condition, Specific Learning Difference or Mental Health Condition. The College is committed to remove the physical, procedural and attitudinal barriers which may stand in the way of a student achieving their academic potential, taking advantage of all the experiences and opportunities available at College and becoming an integrated member of the College community.

The College also recognises that certain physical or mental health conditions will create particular challenges in specific situations and that therefore, the inclusive practices already in place will not be sufficient in allowing a student to thrive. These are the instances in which achieving one’s full potential becomes difficult without some reasonable adjustments or the provision of extra support. This is when declaring your impairment and registering with Disability & Dyslexia Services (D&DS) may help you access the following services and sources of support:

  • One-to-one study skills support
  • Support from a Mental Health Adviser
  • Services of a mentor
  • Exams Access Arrangements (such as extra time, use of a computer, scribe etc…)
  • Handouts, time-tables or reading material delivered in different forms such as in braille in enlarged print or electronically;
  • Lectures notes in advance of lectures;
  • Book or article fetching;
  • Permission to record lectures;
  • Use of a note-taker or amanuensis to take your dictation;
  • Priority to specific accommodation which suit your physical impairment or mental health condition;
  • As support provision differs according to individual situation and course requirements, it is essential to discuss this with a member of the Disability & Dyslexia Services (D&DS) team as early as possible. This will allow you to identify what is most appropriate for your needs and enable the College to allocate the required resources.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a visit to the campus, tour the accommodation available, and/or speak to departmental staff.

Please see our statement of confidentiality and disclosure by clicking here.

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The Disability and Dyslexia Office team members are all friendly, approachable and knowledgeable about the support they can offer you. Please see below for a list of team members and their job titles.

DDS  Staff


Senior Disability & Dyslexia Adviser

Helen Shore
01784 443393 


Disability & Dyslexia Adviser - (Reasonable Adjustments)

Emilie Titterrell

01784 276473 


Disability & Dyslexia Adviser - (Accessibility)

Nickola Webb

01784 443966 


Disability & Dyslexia Adviser - (Student Helpers and Exams Arrangements)

Susan Jewitt

01784 414634 


Mental Health Adviser

Rachel Fahy

01784 443416


Academic Adviser - (Specific Learning Difficulties)

Jackie Knowles

01784 414289 


Academic Adviser - (Disabled Students)


01784 414382