Travel Awards and College Prizes

The winners of the 2016-17 Travel and Research Awards, Career Development Awards and College Prizes have now been chosen


For the full list of this year's winners and the title of their project or piece of work, please click here.

If you would like to find out more about the winners projects and their piece of work, you can read their work and travel reports on the 2016-17 winners page


The Travel and Research Awards, Career Development Awards and College Prizes will be available again in 2017-18 and it's never too early to start thinking about projects that you could undertake. We expect the Travel and Research Awards applications to open in December 2017 and the Career Development Awards and College Prizes to open in February 2018.

Details of all the awards available in 2017-18 can be viewed on the Award Overview with the detailed criteria found by clicking the relevant link below:

Travel and Research Awards
Ethel Beatrice Abrahams Award
Helen Cam Award
Irene Marshall Scholarship
Peter Marsh Prize
Royal Holloway Travel Award
Santander Travel Award
Una Ellis-Fermor Award

Career Development Awards
Kathleen Nixon Award
Dame Felicity Lott Bursary

College Prizes
Max Carey Memorial Prize
Mary MacPherson Essay Prize

 2015-16 Winners of Travel Awards and College Prizes

To find out how the 2015-16 Travel and Research Awards winners used their awards, please visit the 2015-16 Travel Awards Winners and 2015-16 Career Development Awards & College Prizes Winners page.


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Award Notifications


All 2016-17 applicants have now been informed of the outcome of their Travel & Research Award application.