Living Costs

Tuition fees and living costs are the main areas to consider when allocating your finances. You will need to buy things you may have taken for granted at home (such as food and washing powder) and it’s wise to think about all these issues when creating your budget.

As a rough guide a single student in University accommodation over a 38-week academic session is £251 a week or £9,538 in total. For students who rent a room in a private shared house, this increases to £213 or £11,076 over 52 weeks (bearing in mind this covers the whole year unlike living on campus).

If you are an international student, you should ensure that you have enough funds to cover your tuition and living costs for the duration of your course before you apply for a Visa. If you cannot provide an official letter from a sponsor stating that they will cover all of your fees and living costs for the duration of your course, you must be able to prove that you have sufficient funds to be able cover the cost of your course. For more information please visit the United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs Visa application web pages


Living Costs 2015-16

The following is a rough estimate of the basic living costs you can expect to spend each week.  



39 weeks

Accommodation - Campus

(based on 39 weeks contract)



Accommodation - Private

(based on 52 week contract)



Food & Household






Books & Equipment



Entertainment/Social, Clothing, Personal Items  




£244 - £293  

£10,868 - 11,427

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