UK/EU Undergraduate Tuition Fees

UK/European Union Undergraduate Tuition Fees


Tuition Fees


The tuition fee for UK and EU students in 2016/17 is £9,000 per year.


The tuition fee for UK and EU undergraduate students in 2017/18 is £9,250 per year.

Proposed changes to tuition fees at universities in England which meet a set quality standard were approved by the Government, and came into effect on 3 March 2017. As Royal Holloway has already met the set quality standard, measured by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), this means that our tuition fees for UK and EU undergraduates will now increase to £9,250 for the academic year 2017/18.

If Royal Holloway continues to meet the quality standard as set out in the Teaching Excellence Framework, the tuition fee may then increase each year by a maximum amount that is controlled by the Government.

Important: if you began your programme on or before September 2015, you will not be affected by these changes.  We have previously announced that your fees will remain at £9,000 a year for the duration of your course.

Fees for students from the Channel Islands and Isle of Man are the same as those for students from the UK and European Union (please see above).

Funding for Islands students is managed by their respective governments and will vary from that available to UK students. Further information on funding for Islands students can be found at:

Guernsey -

Jersey -

Isle of Man -

Tuition fees for Year Abroad or Year in Industry



 (per cent of programme fee for 2017-18)

Erasmus exchange Study

15 per cent

Erasmus exchange Work

15 per cent

Non-Erasmus exchange Study

15 per cent

Non-Erasmus exchange Work

20 per cent

Year in industry

20 per cent

Repeat and Exam Resit Fees

Repeat Fees

Undergraduate students repeating a year as full time or part time are charged a fee on a pro-rata basis, depending on the number of course units they are taking. The fee per 15 credits (one half course unit) is set as approximately one eighth of the full time fee, subject to the total not exceeding the published standard fee as applicable. This same rule applies to joint (major/minor) degree programmes.

Student Finance and repeat fees

Terms and conditions are applied by Student Finance England (SFE) to periods of repeat study and may not offer funding for students who have undertaken previous study at a different university or on a different course. It is important that students affected contact SFE to establish their eligibility before they complete their enrolment with the university. The maximum length of tuition loan funding equals the length of course + 1 year. Students who are ineligible for funding will be required to pay the full tuition fee set.

Exam Resit Fees

Repeating students in attendance for some courses on a full or part time basis are not charged an exam resit fee for any other courses they intend to resit.

Exam resit fees are payable by students not in attendance who have to resit or defer the assessment of some element of a course.

Undergraduate Degree resit/re-assessment fees  


Re-sit of failed element(s), assessment only, per course

£85 minimum

Maximum fee for multiple re-sits of failed elements


Tuition fee payment options 

Student Finance Tuition Fee Loans

Student Finance applications for 201718 opened in February 2017 and continuing students will be contacted by Student Finance England (SFE) in February or March.

You will need to have an approved loan and returned a completed Declaration to SFE in order to re-enrol in September 2017. Click here to log into the SFE portal and check you loan status.

Click here for details of Government Grants and Loans for UK and European Union undergraduates

Information for new and continuing students: EU Referendum

If you're a new or continuing student, you can find more information about fees and student loans and read our frequently asked questions on our Information for students page

Self Funding

Payment by Instalment 

Students choosing not to take a tuition fee loan (with a fee greater than £2,000) can opt to pay their fees in 2 equal instalments. Students must make a first payment of at least 50% of the fee in order to complete re/enrolment. Fee payment to enrol for 2017-18 must be made by Monday 18th September 2017.

The second payment will be due 8th January 2018.

Early Payment Discount

Students with personal tuition fee liabilities (greater than £500) re/enrolling on standard, full year, undergraduate degree programmes may be eligible to receive a tuition fee discount of 2% of their fee liability

Click here for full details of the early payment discount

How to Pay

Click here for details of all available payment methods


Bursaries and Scholarships

Continuing undergraduate students click here for details of Bursaries and Scholarships 

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