Early payment discount

Students with personal tuition fee liabilities (greater than £500) re/enrolling on standard, full year, undergraduate/ postgraduate degree programmes may be eligible to receive a tuition fee discount of 2% of their fee liability.

To receive the discount, payment must be received (less the discount amount) and online sign-up completed 21 days prior to the start of the enrolment term. The Early Payment deadline date for students re/enrolling in September 2017 is Wednesday 6th September.

The discount is not available to students undertaking a Pre-sessional English Language programme, the International Foundation Year or modular postgraduate programmes.

N.B: Please remember to reduce your payment to the College by the amount of the discount as per the examples in the table below plus any prepayment or deposit you have already paid. You can see a record of your payments and invoices due for payment on the Finance tab of Campus Connect . Your record will be updated with the discount after the deadline date and before enrolment.

Early Payment Discount Examples

Personal Liability Amount of Discount Amount Payable
£3800 £76 £3724
£4121 £82.42 £4038.58
£5400 £108 £5292
£5700 £114 £5586
£6550 £131 £6419
£8100 £162 £7938
£9000 £180 £8820
£9465 £189.30 £9275.70
£9800 £196 £9604
£10535 £210.70 £10324.30
£13500 £270 £13230
£14200 £284 £13916
£15200 £304 £14896
£15800 £316 £15484
£16800 £336 £16464
£18300 £366 £17934
£20300 £406 £19894
The discounted amounts in this table only apply to payments received by 6th September 2017.


Terms and conditions apply: full details can be found in the Student Fee Regulations(Section 3.4)

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  • If you have made your fee payment and completed online sign up by the discount deadline date, the discount will be allocated to your fee record prior to enrolment. It is not necessary to contact us to tell us you have made your payment.
  • Adjustments will normally be made to discounts allowed where students’ personal tuition fee liabilities change during the year.
  • The discount does not apply to students enrolling late or paying less than a full year fee, e.g mixed/block learning modes.
  • Amounts billed to and/or settled by sponsors do not qualify for a discount.
  • Tuition overpayments will, in the first instance, be offset against other invoices on your fees account. Refund requests for overpayments will be actioned after 1st November 2017 


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