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Maths, Stats & Numeracy support offers a number of free sessions open to all students. These include workshops, 1:1 tutorials and drop-in sessions. Also available to students are: a Moodle course, books, leaflets, and handouts. Tutors specialise in different subjects and cover a wide range of topics.

This service is for you if you want to:

  • develop the skills required to solve mathematical and statistical problems for your course
  • improve the key numerical skills to boost your employability
  • increase your confidence when dealing with maths/stats/numeracy problems

Statistics in the Summer


- In June we'll have Stats/SPSS workshops on between 12th-14thJune to support research students. For full information about the sessions, and to book, please visit our registration page. Please note - bookings can only be made from 2 weeks before the date of the workshop.

- In July-August 1:1 tutorials will be available. The sessions are 30 minutes long (first one up to 1 hour long) and will be bookable via email -

For more information about each part of the service, please click on the headings below:

1:1 Tutorials & Drop-in Sessions

 We welcome undergraduate (in particular 1st year UG) and postgraduate taught students from all disciplines.

In maths, there are often several different ways of working something out. So when you visit, please bring along examples from your lecture notes or course handouts so that we can see the approach your lecturers may be expecting. Alternatively, please be prepared to show your Moodle course pages. For statistics issues related to dissertations or projects, you will need to explain the purpose of your dissertation/project first

Both types of sessions are for individual students but small groups are also welcome. The differences between the sessions are listed below:

1:1 Tutorials

Drop-in Sessions

- Booking required - click the red Register button on the right hand side of this page

- 30 minute appointments

 - Please be 100% certain that you will attend the tutorial or cancel your booking if unable to attend anymore. Please arrive on time!

- No booking required

- The time spent with the tutor depends on how busy the session is (from 10 minutes to how much is required)

- You can come at any time during the timetabled session

 Examples of what we can do:

  • Help you to identify where you are ‘going wrong’ in your maths.
  • Help you to increase your confidence when dealing with maths/stats problems.
  • Offer examples of similar questions for you to practise, or identify related areas of further study.
  • Offer self-study materials for a wide range of maths, stats, and numeracy topics and help you search for resources besides those on our Moodle website (see below).
  • Watch you carry out some sample maths or data analysis, and advise you on the effectiveness of your methods.
  • Act as a ‘sounding board’ for your quantitative research ideas.
  • Answer general questions on the use of packages such as SPSS.
  • Advise you which session you could attend or who to email if the tutor available on the day is unable to answer your question. In any emails (see ‘contact us’ below) you can state the nature of the problem you want to discuss. CeDAS can then confirm whether any other available tutors can meet your requirements at a different time.


Examples of what we don’t do:

  • Teach subject-specific content that goes beyond the maths itself.
  • Do your questions for you, or ‘pre-mark’/check/correct any work for which you are going to be formally assessed. You may be asked to check the work through slowly, explaining the processes used and identifying any problem areas yourself.
  • Complete statistical analysis on your behalf.
  • Accept emailed or posted work to be ‘corrected and returned’, unless we have already discussed your needs and agreed this as a way forward.



Special drop-in sessions run in April & May to support exam revision and are called Maths Café. They are available every day for two weeks and each lasts three hours. In the Summer Term 2016 the attendance of the previous year was doubled. We believe this is in a great part thanks to the two subject specialists from academic departments. During these drop-in sessions free drinks and snacks were available. Here are some pictures taken in 2016:


Maths Cafe 4

Maths Cafe 8  Maths Cafe 2


We offer a variety of workshops throughout the year. Click the red Register button on the right hand side of this page to secure your place. Please make sure you are 100% certain that you can and will attend, as a room will be reserved and a tutor will prepare for the session. Please arrive on time! If for some reason you are unable to attend booked session, please cancel your registration as other students may be on a waiting list.

Available workshops include:

  • Statistics workshops

Statistics and SPSS workshops have been developed and will be delivered on multiple occasions during the academic year. Each series consists of five sessions which are aimed at the students who have little or no prior knowledge about statistics and are complete beginners to SPSS. As the course progresses, statistical/SPSS knowledge is required in order to take part in the sessions. For complete information on statistics workshops, please click here.

  • Maths workshops

Maths workshops span a variety of topics. These include algebra, arithmetic, differentiation, integration, logic, optimisation, etc. To best meet students’ needs, we invite students and staff to propose other topics.

  • Numeracy Skills for the Job Market workshops in departments

Are you looking for a job after you graduate? Do you want to increase your skills for the workplace? The Maths & Stats Advisory Centre is here to help! 
More and more employers throughout many sectors use Psychometric Tests, and the Numerical Reasoning test is one of them. Whether you want to work in IT, Finance, Teaching, Marketing, HR etc. it is very likely you will be tested on your numeracy skills in the job application process. 
Come along to the Numeracy Skills for the Job Market workshop for some tips, practice questions and many resources.

  • Workshops requested by departments

We currently offer one-off or a small number of workshops in departments (e.g. CeDAS, Computer Science, Management, Media Arts) available to a specific group of students.

We will be happy to support students in other departments. To discuss such possibilities please email us on   


If you don’t know if there is a forthcoming workshop being organised but would like to attend one, please email us on

Moodle Website for self-study resources

The Moodle website can be found here, where you can find:

  • Extensive resources spanning variety of topics. Resources are grouped into three categories: mathematics, statistics, and numerical psychometric tests.
  • Resources include: self-study guides; test yourself diagnostics and exercises; video tutorials, etc.
  • Timetables of the sessions available through Maths & Statistics Advisory Service.
  • Resources from the workshops.


We would appreciate it if you could please share with us any online resources you found useful in your study!

Useful websites:

  • mathcentre contains different type maths resources with a number of them being subject specific.
  • statstutor contains a variety of resources covering many statistics topics as well as resources on Excel and SPSS
  • Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace. It provides maths resources and other (e.g. science, computer programming, history, art history, and economics).

Quotes from students’ feedback:

‘You literally saved me from failing that module and for the first time in months I feel like I might just actually pass and make it to second year! Your help was literally invaluable and I'll recommend anyone to come to the Maths Cafe if they need help! You've explained things really well and were so patient with me and all of you were so friendly and welcoming which is lovely because I found maths and maths teachers really intimidating and you weren't intimidating at all you were lovely!​Thank you so so so so much for all your help and against all odds you've actually make me enjoy, and want to continue revising/understanding and learning about maths, and I used to hate it!’ (Year 1, Earth Sciences student)

‘Having the maths help centre during exam period this year has been incredibly beneficial and has certainly improved my confidence in my degree subject (Economics). Kinga is very easy to get along with and she picked up on where I was struggling in Maths, namely basic mathematical skills. She gave me extra materials to improve these basic skills and this underpinned my struggles in the more difficult material on my course. As well as this, we worked through the harder material and my understanding of maths and how it related to economic models considerably improved. Overall, I think the extra maths support was invaluable and I believe the sessions should be incorporated in maths related degrees throughout the year.’ (Year 1, Economics student).


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