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Get your university studies off to a great start with a range of workshops, lectures, 1:1 tutorials and resources that will help you meet the challenges of academic work with confidence.

CeDAS Lecture Series

Come along to our informal and lively talks on core academic skills with opportunities to learn from first class work and ask questions. No booking neccessary.

Writing at University: Using Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism  

Plagiarism is a serious offence and can jeopardise your degree, yet it can be easily avoided. After considering what plagiarism is and how it’s detected we focus on exploring, demonstrating and recommending strategies you can use to improve your writing and research while avoiding accidental plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

  • Monday 16th January, 12-1pm, FOUNDERS-LT

What is a good academic writing style?

In this lecture we will identify the key ingredients of good academic writing style and then consider six writing tips that will help us achieve that style. We will have opportunities to learn about style from famous writers but also gain insights by sharing our own experiences.

  • Monday 30th January, 1-2pm, FOUNDERS-LT

Exam Skills 

Worried about your exams? This lecture will give you an insight into what exams are for, what to expect and how to prepare. Hear top tips from previous Royal Holloway students and discover our techniques and strategies for ensuring examination success.

  • Monday 13th March, 12-1pm, FOUNDERS-LT
  • Monday 20th March, 1-2pm, FOUNDERS-LT

CeDAS Workshops 

Book into one of our interactive workshops that give you a sound introduction to the key academic skills you need to perform well in your university studies.


If you attend these workshops, you can earn Royal Holloway Passport points.

‘I would strongly advise you to take advantage of the many CeDAS workshops available... they helped me in so many ways.’

- Chris Pitts, Undergraduate in German and Hispanic Studies

How to register

  • To register, click here, or click the red Register button on the right hand side of this page
  • Registrations can be made up to 2 weeks in advance of each workshop
  • Please make sure you are 100% certain that you can and will attend, as a room will be reserved and a tutor will prepare for the class.
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Workshop descriptions

Essay Writing Essentials 1  

 ‘Decoding’ the Assignment – Planning and Structuring your Essay (2 hours)

This workshop explores the principle components of an academic essay and how university essays differ from those encountered at school or college. Learn about how to decipher the assignment question / task, what you need to do and how to structure and write an effective essay that will maximise your chances of top marks.

  • Monday 23rd January, 4-6pm, INTER-001

Essay Writing Essentials 2

Effective Paragraphing and Integrating Evidence (2 hours)

In this interactive workshop you will gain insights into how to direct an argument in your writing and how to embed your sources into paragraphs before having a go at transforming samples of your own work. The workshop will consider how to write effective, compelling topic sentences before exploring and practicing effective ways of using, synthesizing, comparing, contrasting and embedding sources through quotation, summarizing and paraphrasing so that you support your points and gain excellent marks.

  • Tuesday 31st January, 4-6pm, INTER-001
  • Monday 20th February, 4-6pm, INTER-001

Essay Writing Essentials 3

Critical Writing – Creating an Argument and Articulating your ‘Voice’ (2 hours)

Develop your essay writing skills by learning how to show critical thinking, analysis and evaluation in your writing, establish an academic ‘voice’ and construct a well-supported argument that will impress your markers. Learn about effective sentence structures and rhetorical techniques, evaluate exemplar pieces of student writing and then have a go at improving samples of your own writing. 

  • Monday 6th February, 5-6pm, INTER-001
  • Tuesday 28th February, 4-5pm, INTER-001

Clarity in Academic Writing

(2 hours)

Many students are concerned about the clarity, coherence and general intelligibility of their writing. This workshop focuses on skills such as pronoun referencing, the logical grouping and sequencing of ideas, the construction of clear, cohesive paragraphs and avoiding ambiguity / vagueness and ‘zombie nouns’. Come and have a go at our interactive challenges to improve samples of unclear writing and then practice using samples of your own work.

  • Thursday 2nd Febraury, 4-6pm, INTER-001
  • Monday 13th February, 4-6pm, INTER-001

Improve your Grammar 

(1 hour)

Many students worry about grammatical inaccuracies in their writing and it is a problem many markers complain about. This workshop help you make sense of some of the most common grammatical problems such as comma splices and dangling participles which interfere with good communication in student writing. It also focuses on how to articulate your ideas by using punctuation effectively and how to use tenses when reporting ideas from academic sources.

  • Tuesday 14th February, 4-5pm, INTER-001

Essential Presentation Skills

(2 hours)

Delivering a presentation in front of a group of your classmates can seem like a daunting task. This workshop gives you tips, ideas and communication strategies to help you deliver successful and effective presentations with confidence.

  • Thursday 16th Febraury, 4-6pm, INTER-001
  • Monday 27th February, 4-6pm, INTER-001

Please note

If you have a disability which you feel your tutor needs to be aware of, or you require special access arrangements, please email: in order for us to discuss with you any arrangements which need to be made to ensure that you can fully participate in your chosen course.

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