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The Chapel

The Chaplaincy has long history entwined with the College’s beautiful chapel. The two College Chaplains - Rev. Cate & Fr. John - are based along Founders West alongside 'Breathe', a multifaith space and meeting room.

Together they encourage Faith groups to work together, provide direction and advice for religious societies, and support all forms of Christian observance - both formal and informal - within the College. 

Through sponsorship of a range of lectures and special services the chaplaincy seeks to provide a reflective space to every student and staff member, of all faiths and of none.

Regular Chapel Services in term-time

Summer Term 2017: 24th April - 9th June.

Morning Prayer

8:45am Weekdays (with Choir Monday-Thursday).

Lunchtime Holy Communion

12:30pm Thursday.

Choral Evensong

6:15pm Thursdays, sung by the Chapel Choir.

Lunchtime Catholic Mass

12:30pm Friday.

Sunday Evening Services

6pm An Ecumenical Service of Evening Worship.

7:30pm Catholic Mass.

Muslim Prayer Facilities

The Muslim Prayer Room is located within Wetton's Annexe in the North A30 area - a minute's walk across the footbridge by Founder's building .  The space is designed to cater for the needs of all users; worshippers are asked to behave conscientiously and respect others. 

Wetton's Annexe is open during the day (weekdays).  Staff and students are required to submit this form (click) in order to gain swipe-card access at other times.  

For any queries regarding the Prayer Room, please contact our Muslim Chaplain.

Friday Prayers - Salāt al-Jum'ah

Prayers are on-campus during the Autumn and Spring terms (terms 1 & 2).  Outside of these times alternative venues are signposted to inside the Prayer Room and on this page (click).

Where: Wetton’s Annexe A – down the corridor from the Prayer Room.
When:  1.15-1.40pm, terms 1 & 2 only

Where possible, please offer your time before or after to help set-up the room.

Ramadān & the two Eids

For general information on Ramadān at Royal Holloway, please see the Ramadān On-Campus booklet, available here (click for link).

Observing the religious activities of Ramadān can be very different away from your home, particularly for international students who may come from regions where the whole country changes its activities over the month. It is ultimately what you make of it and for many, an independent environment will spark unique experiences.  Where possible, there may be offerings (iftar, tawrawih etc) on campus but this changes year-by-year.  Please check this page for updated information.  

Chaplaincy signposts to alternative (local) venues for tarawih and Eid prayers.

Chaplaincy and negative groups

Whilst at College, you will be exposed to many new people, groups and ideas. You will want to keep an open mind, but you need to be aware that everyone who appears friendly is not necessarily a friend.

There are many positive faith gropus - however occasionally groups with negative, unhelpful agendas try to recruit on campus. Campus is open, College cannot monitor every meeting, so beware of unauthorised group who try to reach out to you through meetings, parties, study sessions, and other activities. Some times 'friendships' are formed which inevitably lead to unsponsored or unidentified group meetings or activities. These informal unidentified meetings or activities are the primary means of recruitment. You should always know who is sponsoring a meeting / activity and what materials will be used. Beware if involvement that began slowly with just a few commitments to social events leads to increasingly insistent demands on your time.

Of course legitimate groups on campus recruit students to join their membership, but safe groups are an affiliated club or society of the Student Union working within College and SU rules. Beware of any group whose techniques are coercive and manipulative and that use unethical methods of recruitment, such as: peer pressure; an unspecified agenda; and the manipulation of guilt, fear, hopes and aspirations.

When are students vulnerable to recruitment by such a group?
Students, especially freshers, are most vulnerable to recruitment by such groups at times when they feel less secure, homesick or under academic pressure. These groups often prey on a student's need to be involved, to be accepted by peers, to improve themselves, or to better the world.

How can you identify such a groups?

Sometimes it's difficult to identify a group's intent by its name alone. Observe the group's responses to you and how you feel. If you can answer "yes" to any of the following statements you should seriously consider your involvement in that group:

  • Everyone in the group believes themselves to be perfect and everyone agrees and follows all orders cheerfully.
  • You are asked to recruit new members soon after joining.
  • You begin to feel guilty and ashamed, unworthy as a person.
  • The group encourages you to put their meetings and activities before all other commitments, including studying.
  • Involvement requires more and more time.
  • The group speaks in a derogatory way about your past affiliations with other activities.
  • Your parents and friends are defined as unable to understand and help you with issues of personal conflict.
  • Leadership in the group is given charismatic or divine power, and this power appears unquestionable.
  • Doubts or questions are seen as signs of weak faith and you are shunned if you persist in these doubts.
  • The group claims to have all the answers to your problems.
  • You are invited on a retreat with the group, but they do not give you a clear overview of the purpose, theme or activities before you go.

What can I do if I suspect a group is acting negatively in this way?
If you are not sure about an event you have been invited to, be alert and get more information. If you are discouraged from seeking answers to questions from sources outside the group, the group may have something to hide. These groups will oppose your freedom of thought. Exercise your right to say "No!" If you are invited to any event and you are not interested, say so. Making excuses or saying "maybe next week" will only encourage the group to extend future invitations.

Investigate any group before you join. Ask for more information on any group you plan to join. Consider contacting one or more of the people listed below before getting involved with any group that causes you to be suspect or feel uneasy.


To discuss this problem with someone, as well as family members and close friends who knew you before you became involved with this group, consider seeking support from any sabbatical officer of the Students' Union, the College Counselling service, or our Chaplains (contact details on the right of this page).

College Faith Policy

 “The College is a secular institution committed to the pursuit of learning. It does not ally itself with any particular faith. It does however commit itself to an active support for the study and celebration of mainstream religious faiths within its community, recognizing that such celebration is a source of individual strength, communal resource and intellectual and artistic excellence.”

College Council 2006

For more information read our Faith Policy.

Finding a Local Faith Group

Space to think

This is by no means a comprehensive list of local faith groups; but they are ones known to the Chaplaincy team.  Do drop in to see us if you have any more to add.


Do contact the Chaplaincy team if you know of a meditation group based around the Egham area.






Roman Catholic

  • Church of the Assumption
  • (91 Harvest Road, almost vis-à-vis the Happy Man pub). See map. Click here to read the weekly newsletter; see also the Diocesean site.

United Reformed /Methodist

  • United Church of Egham (High Street, Egham) Tel: 01784 437973

Free Evangelical

  • The Journey Church.The Village Centre, Victoria Road, Englefield Green
  • Bishopsgate Evangelical Church (King’s Road, Englefield Green)email:
  • Assemblies of God – Pentecostal
  • Runnymede Christian Fellowship (Manorcroft School, Wesley Drive, Egham)

Society of Friends - Quakers

  • Meeting House, 9 Limes Road, Egham 
    For further details please see their website

Greek Orthodox

  • Greek Orthodox Church of St. Andrew the Apostle
    The Cemetery Chapel, St Jude’s Road, Englefield Green. 
  • During Autumn Term 2015 services will be held at 10am on the following Sundays:
    27th Sept, 11th Oct, 25th Oct, 8th Nov, 22nd Nov, 29th Nov, 13th Dec, 25th Dec, 27th Dec
    For further details please see their website


Do contact the Chaplaincy team if you know of a Hindu group based around the Egham area.


Friday Prayers - Salat al-Jum'ah

Prayers are held in Wetton’s Annexe A (in the North A30 part of campus), commencing at 1.15pm and concluding by 1.40pm.

For any queries over accessibility, please email:

Friday Prayers are held on-campus during terms 1 & 2 only; outside of these times alternative locations are displayed in the Prayer Room.

Muslim Prayer Room

The Prayer Room is located within Wetton's Annexe in the North A30 area - a minute's walk from Founder's building across the footbridge. The building is open during the day (weekdays); staff and students are required to submit this form (click) in order to gain swipe-card access at other times.  

Users of the room are reminded to conscientiously respect other worshippers/guests and the facilities.

Regular Prayer Room updates can be found here (click).

Ashford & Staines Community Centre

Roughly 20 minutes drive from campus, the community centre holds all prayers in congregation and organises a calendar of events and classes. 


Staines & District Synagogue


Westbrook Road, South Street,  Staines , TW18 4PR

Tel: 01784 462 557

North West Surrey Synagogue


Horvath Close, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9QZ


Do contact the Chaplaincy team if you know of a Sikh group based around the Egham area.

Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Southall

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