Academic Appeals and College Complaints

Royal Holloway hopes and expects that you will be satisfied with your experience at the College and is always pleased to hear about particularly good aspects of your time here, however it also recognises that there may be circumstances when you may not be satisfied with a specific experience or academic outcome. In such circumstances, you may be able to request that your concerns are investigated through an academic appeal or complaint:

What is an Academic Appeal?

An academic appeal is a student’s request for a decision made by the College relating to their academic studies to be reconsidered.This can include reference to a past complaint made and investigated.

The following can be investigated through the appeals process:

  • The outcome of Boards of Examiners, such as the outcomes of coursework or examinations, academic progression, degree classification or degree award, and  termination of registration by the College Board of Examiners. This includes decisions made by an upgrade panel or an MPhil/PhD viva panel.
  • Termination of registration on academic grounds through the formal warning procedure
  • Penalties applied for examination and assessment offences
  • Reconsideration of requests for special assessment arrangements
  • A decision made by a Fitness to Practise Panel 

Please follow this link to find out more about Academic Appeals

What is a Complaint?

A complaint is where, as a result of a student’s experience at Royal Holloway, a student is dissatisfied about the College’s provision of services or facilities and wishes their concerns to be investigated.

Your concerns may be investigated under the Complaints Procedure for Students but normally only within three months of the incident or action being complained about.

Where you have submitted an academic appeal and your grounds for appeal are effectively dependent on the outcome of the complaint, the College may determine that the nature of your appeal requires investigation under the Complaints Procedure first. In this situation your case will be referred to the Secretariat. You will be notified of this and provided with further guidance. 

The appeal investigation will be delayed until the complaint investigation is complete. The College tries to complete these processes as quickly as possible; however, a thorough investigation takes time, so students are advised to continue to make plans on the basis that their appeal is unsuccessful.

Please follow this link to find out more about Complaints

Help or Advice

If you are unsure if you have a complaint or an appeal, or would like further information or assistance with these procedures, we advise that you follow the links above for further information or contact the Students’ Union (+44 (0) 1784 276700).