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Symposium in Honour of David Roberts

Basin Dynamics and Petroleum Systems: Geophysics, Structure, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Geochemistry

14th - 15th April 2014
Windsor Building, Royal Holloway University of London

There will be a two day international conference to honour the life and work of David Roberts who sadly passed away in July 2013.

Dave started his professional career at the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences where his ground-breaking research on the evolution of continental margins led to the award of a Doctorate of Science from Manchester University. He then commenced a 22 year career in BP as the head of the newly formed Basins Studies Group and which culminated in his role as Distinguished Advisor in Global Exploration, the highest geoscience role in the company. He was visiting Professor and also an Honorary Fellow of Royal Holloway University of London. On retiring from BP Dave consulted internationally and served as a non-executive Director of Premier Oil whilst also teaching at Royal Holloway and elsewhere. He was the founding editor in chief of the Journal Marine and Petroleum Geology - a position he held for over 20 years. Dave received many honours including the Geological Society of London Petroleum Group’s silver medal and election as an Honorary Fellow of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, an organisation he also served as European President. Dave’s influence was widespread and profound in the study of petroleum geoscience and basin systems and it is extremely fitting that we honour his contribution with this conference.

There will be a memorial service in the Royal Holloway Chapel on the evening of Monday 14th April at 6.30 pm.

Programme Registration Accommodation

Day 1 - Monday 14th April 2014
Plenary Session - Chair: Dr. Richard Herbert
9:30 Dr. Keith Gerdes (Shell) A review of the contribution by David Roberts to Geoscience
10:00 Professor Lucien Montadert (IFP/Beicip-Franlab, Rueil-Malmaison, France) The Search for the Formation and Evolution of the NE Atlantic Passive Margins (Biscay and Rockall): The Contribution of David Roberts in cooperation with French Institutions
10:30 Dr. Chris Johns (Premier Oil) Structural Inversion - inspiration from the Alps and South East Asia
11:00 Tea & Coffee
North & South Atlantic Margins 1 - Chair: Dr. Ian Vann
11:30 Professor Tony Watts (Oxford University) Mr. Rockall, Megasequences and Margins
12:00 Dr. Ian Stewart (BP) The legacy of David Gwyn Roberts; revisiting the north west European continental margin
12:30 Dr. Mike Daly (BP) Brasiliano crustal structure and its role in the formation of the Parnaiba basin: results of a deep crustal seismic reflection experiment
13:00 Lunch
North & South Atlantic Margins 2 - Chair: Dr. Rod Graham
14:00 Dr. Jake Hossack (BP) Geomorphology, chronostratigraphy, and the Cretaceous evolution of the Orange River basin of South Africa and its continuation into the offshore Namibia margin
14:30 Dr. Hamish Wilson (SLR Consulting) Offshore Nova Scotia Play Fairway Analysis - Exploration Rejuvination
15:00 Dr. Graeme Eagles (RHUL) A slow ride back to continental margins: where does seafloor spreading take us?
15:30 Tea & Coffee
North & South Atlantic Margins 3 - Chair: Prof. Chris Elders
16:00 Dr. Jonathan Turner (BG Group) Tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Santos Basin – *Provisional*
16:30 Dr. Phil Clarke (Novas Consulting Ltd.) New Ideas on the Evolution of Offshore Suriname and the Central Atlantic
17:00 Professor Peter Burgess (RHUL) Sequence stratigraphy of passive margins – *Provisional*
18:30 Memorial Service for Professor David Roberts, The Chapel, Royal Holloway
20:00 Conference Dinner, The Picture Gallery, Royal Holloway
Day 2 - Tuesday 15th April 2014
Alpine & Mediterranean Margins - Chair: Dr. Ian Vann
9:30 Professor Pierre-Charles de Graciansky (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines, Paris) The Western Alps: from Passive Margin to Orogenic Belt Homage from the French Geological Alpine School
10:00 Dr. Rod Graham (Consultant) Dave Roberts, the French Connection and the Alpine Passive Margin
10:30 Tea & Coffee
Other Margins 1 - Chair: Dr. Ian Vann
11:00 Professor Robert Hall (RHUL) SE Asia: Plate tectonic reconstructions, crustal behaviour, basins and hydrocarbon exploration
11:30 Dr. Ashley Price (BP) Tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Bight Basin, southern Australia – *Provisional*
12:00 Dr. Lloyd White (RHUL) Revisiting the break-up of eastern Gondwana: illustrating why geological data must be included in tectonic reconstructions
12:30 Professor Chris Elders (Curtin University) Regional controls on basin inversion in the southern North Sea
13:00 Lunch
Other Margins 2 - Chair: Dr. Keith Gerdes
14:00 Dr. Alex Bump (BP) Tectonic History of the Arabian Plate and the Distribution of Hydrocarbons
14:30 Dr. Joanna Papouli (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research) Crustal structure of the Cyclades, central Aegean Sea, revealed from deep seismic soundings
15:00 Ken McCormack (Woodside) Structural architecture of the outer Beagle Sub-basin, North West Shelf, Australia
15:30 Tea & Coffee
Other Margins 3 - Chair: Prof. Ken McClay
16:00 Dr. Lauren Houston (CGG) Broadband seismic data to improve the evaluation of structure and stratigraphy
16:30 Dr. Martin Insley (Tullow) Advances in Remote Sensing for Hydrocarbon Exploration
17:00 Professor Ken McClay (RHUL) Summary

For further enquiries robertssymposium@es.rhul.ac.uk



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