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Rock Fractures and Fluid Flow

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Research topics and projects include:
Fluid transport in reservoirs Reservoir modelling Rock mechanics Seismotectonics
Structural Geology Thermodynamics/Statistical Mechanics Tectonophysics Volcanotectonics

In the past few years, compartments in reservoirs have been of great interest to us. Not only have we considered pressure compartments, but also related those to compartments with different mechanical properties (particularly different Young’s moduli). The compartments then respond in different ways to pressure/stress changes, and modelling these changes becomes a great challenge.

We work much on unconventional reservoirs, such as shale gas, basement reservoirs and, in particular, intrusions such as sills (and their feeder dykes). Several students work on fractured reservoirs and reservoir modelling, both in sedimentary rocks and in igneous rocks (sills) in collaboration with oil companies.

  Reservoir and dipping layers  


Contact: rf3@es.rhul.ac.uk


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