Tools & Services overview

E-Learning Tools & Services

The E-Learning Team promotes, supports and maintains a diverse range of e-learning tools and methodologies to realise benefits in pedagogy, administration, assessment and feedback.


Moodle is the Virtual Learning environment of choice at Royal Holloway.  Every taught course, and many of our academic support resources, has a designated area in Moodle.  Moodle supports a wide range of activities, including:

  • Sharing learning resources
  • Online discussions
  • Online assessment
  • Essay submission
  • Student feedback
  • Lecture capture reviewing
We are currently using version 2.7 of Moodle. 

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Turnitin (accessed directly through Moodle course spaces) is widely known as ‘the plagiarism detection service’.  While it is true that Turnitin does aid the detection of a range of plagiarism offences, it offers many benefits to the staff and students at Royal Holloway, and almost every other UK H.E. institution, many schools, and a number of examination bodies. Over 72 000 assignments were submitted to Turnitin for originality checking by Royal Holloway students in the academic year 2016/17.   Turnitin offers:

  • Electronic submission of assignments
  • Originality checking and reportin
  • Essay comparison with billions of web-based resources
  • Online marking
  • Rapid feedback
  • Archiving

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Using Turnitin (a Moodle-based resource for Staff)


GradeMark is part of the Turnitin Service and can be accessed directly through Moodle course spaces.  The integration of Turnitin and GradeMark with Moodle delivers a single point of assignment submission, marking, feedback, and archiving.  Over 55% of submitted assignments were handled by GradeMark in the academic year 2016/17.  Features include:

  • Annotated/inline commenting
  • Portable libraries of comments
  • General comments
  • Audio feedback
  • Rubrics
  • Numerical grading

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A Clicker is a small radio transmitting keypad with which students are provided at the beginning of a lecture. Each student can use it to respond quickly and anonymously to pre-prepared questions incorporated into a PowerPoint presentation.  The results of the polls/tests can be displayed instantly on the screen.

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Lecture Capture

RePlay, the Panopto-based Lecture capture service is delivered and managed by IT and AV. 

Information on how to record and re-use lectures can be found on the IT webpages at: